We’ve Been Listening….

We have been seeking feedback as to how we can improve both the delivery and content of information that we deliver to our Clients and Investment Club Members.

After listening to suggestions we have made some changes aimed at improving both the delivery and content of information we provide to our Clients and Investment Club Members.

In response to this feedback we have decided to change the format of our Investment Club Meetings. This will provide the night with more structure and ensure we include more learning sessions.


More Knowledge More Wealth – this will be a teaching session aimed at improving your knowledge on a range of Investment & Economic topics. A wide range of subjects will be covered, however if there is something you would especially like us to cover – please let us know. We will be teaching the concept of Fractional Reserve Banking and how it effects your investments at our next session.

ASK the Expert – we will invite an expert guest at our meetings so that you can hear them present and understand how their specialist area is being impacted by such things as the cycle, legislation, innovation, competition, consumer demand etc.

You will be able to ask them all the questions that you want answered to ensure you are able to make more informed decisions with the outcome of greater profitability.


Cycle Update  – as always we will provide an update with respect to the current cycle and the relevance to the current economic and investment landscape.

Supply & Demand: Investing in Australian Shares – we will continue to outline opportunities that we see in the Australian Share Market and other Investment Markets as opportunities become apparent.

We would encourage you to invite your family and friends to these informative evenings. We have a lot of future ideas to implement as these events continue to grow.