This is the last of the “Symmetry in the Market” series of Updates. You will now have an understanding of how accurate these market calls and Forecasts have been. We don’t “pump up our own tyres” too much as the market is sure to give a Wallop to anyone who’s ego gets too large!…

But we are very proud of our forecasts. We are transparent with them and hold ourselves accountable – and we know they are AMAZINGLY ACCURATE and PROFITABLE TO TRADE!!

Are they infallible? NO! Are they 100% correct? NO! But they create a very robust framework to viewing and profitably trading and investing in the financial markets!

The final installment of our “Symmetry in the Market” Forecast Updates is below. We are passionate about what we do. We love to teaching it, we love presenting it. So, if you’re interested in learning to Forecast or our Forecasting Service and you think knowing when a market has a high probability of reversing can increase your investing profitability we would love to see you at our 2016 November Forecasting Conference!

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of this, please don’t hesitate in contacting Ian Flack directly on or 04406 991 376.

Below is Symmetry in the Markets – Part 3. We hope you enjoy it and are looking forward to seeing you in November. Your time would be well spent to go back and re read the 3 Updates and watch the Video Update. Remember all of these calls were made in advance.

November Forecasting Conference

Symmetry in the Market – Part 3

(sent to subscribers on May 13 2016)
Our Sydney forecasting Weekend is approaching fast and it promises to be a really interesting weekend. As always Ian and I have a few new sessions that we have been working on that we think attendees will really enjoy.

To make life even better the markets are shaping up really well which is exciting!! And that is why I wanted to quickly touch base with our students to follow up my last few conversations about the markets.

In the last video we released I said that the next forecasted dates (back then they were the 20th then 29th of April) were unlikely to cause much of a pullback in the markets, but rather see the market congest around these dates and then push higher. I also said that I thought our forecasted day of the 13th May was likely to come a little early, on the 11th.

Now those of you who know me know I don’t like to blow by own trumpet – But they were pretty good calls!…..

As the chart below show, the 21st was the high with the market struggling down into the 27th, from where it reversed and rallied into the yesterday’s top of the 11th. The timing for this entire move has been close to picture perfect! It looks like 30, 60 then 90 day moves off the bottom have just completed

So if the time looks pretty good, then what about the price action?

Well that looks pretty good to me too – Wednesdays high just exceed the high of the 26th of October and then started to fail. Thursdays low is lower than Wednesdays low allowing us to move our 1day swing chart down. Thursdays close of 5423 was just above the October 26th high of 4520 so our Failure at High pattern has not set up. However, should Todays (Fridays) close be below the 5420 level we will have a Failure at High on both a daily and weekly timeframe.

But this is all looking pretty god for the market to take a short term breather here.

The 11th May high on the XAO of 5483 was in keeping with our squared numbers, that is the square root of 5483 = 74.05, close enough to 74 for my liking.

Remember how on the 10th of February 2016, the XAO traded at a low of 4762 and the square root of this low is 69. Expressed another way 69×69=4761

You can also extrapolate that the range from the 10 of February to the 11 of May was 721 points. 12 squared (ie 12*12 = 144) is an important number. 5 lots of 144 = 720, just one point off this range.

We have continually said that now is an interesting time to be in the markets. We see BIG opportunities coming! Over the past months we have regularly encouraged investors to engage into the markets to take advantage of these opportunities. Always trade with stops and please ensure that you always “Trade the Market and NOT the Forecast”

As we have said before – it is now time to be actively investing in this market.



Jeremy Calnan 13th May 2016

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