Last blog we gave the Calnan Flack Investment Club members a sneak peak at one of our Forecasting Service Updates. We publish our forecasts for the year ahead  bi-annually each year, publicly nominating the exact days we expect the market to reverse and the accuracy of these forecasts speak for themselves.

However, we also publish our Forecast Updates to demonstrate how you can use both the concepts and trading tools we teach to confirm the market action. On the 13th of April, we published an update titled “Symmetry in the Market – Part 2” that continued the themes of the first “Symmetry in the Market” update.

It is repeated here. The Future Forecast dates have been covered to protect the Investment of Forecast Service Members.

Symmetry in the Market – Part 2

A month ago I wrote the first part of this article Symmetry in the Market in reference to the importance of the Feb 10 low. Fast forward another month and again I am writing to highlight market symmetry that lies right in front of you. The importance of these current 30 day increments cannot be understated.

In November last year we published our forecasted reversal dates which included the 10th April for the Australian Share Market and this date is extremely important. Maybe not as important as the 10th of February, but important none the less.


We always need to watch these forecasted dates within the context of the market for potential market reversals. You will often hear us say that t WD Gann was a confluence trader – layering techniques, one after another. However, students often struggle with this concept instead wanting perfection in one technique.

So here is a simple example of layering market techniques to help validate market action.

Friday 8th of April was a daily reversal point, confirmed Tuesday 12th when Friday’s high was exceeded. At this point we can swing a 1 day swing chart up. Further confirmation was provided today when the previous swing high of Thursday 7th was exceed ensuring that we now MUST get a higher swing top. This looks all very interesting for our forecasted April 10th reversal.

Details of the November Forecasting Conference


However the market action today did something else quite interesting!….

Last week’s high was 5118 – today’s high was 5127, a full 9 points higher. This means that not only have we got a Swing UP on the daily chart, but we also must have a Swing UP on the weekly chart!

BUT WAIT! Look at the chart as this tell us even more…….


By swinging the weekly swing chart UP today it also CONFIRMED that the 8th of April is also the……. the First Higher Bottom.

And although there is NO guarantee that we will be correct in our assessment, Gann always said, “the safest place to buy is the first higher bottom….”

As I said last time – Its now time to be actively investing in this market!


Jeremy Calnan 13th April 2016

Details of the November Forecasting Conference

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