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“Buy land. They are not making any more of it” Mark Twain

As we explain in our workshops, land and property are different to ALL other asset classes. Despite how it is treated by current economic theories and thinking, property has very different characteristics and behaves very uniquely to other assets classes.

We help clients to understand how property interacts with both the credit and investment cycles. This knowledge enables us to enhance the performance of your property investments by strategically planning the timing and exposure to borrowings of your portfolio. Such strategies enable you to make the most of the boom bust cycles that dominates our economy.

At Calnan Flack, we believe that all asset classes need to be considered as part of every investment portfolio. It is our belief that each asset class Shares, Property and Cash all have a different role to play in each portfolio.

Calnan Flack offers strategic asset allocation advice with regard to real estate as we believe that it can offer a unique level of risk return and hence should be considered as part of a total portfolio.



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