Australians love our sport and its Grand Final Weekend!

Crows v Tigers               Storm -v- Cowboys

What a weekend!

But for these teams, their fate of playing in the Grand Final stems from ACTIONS taken LAST OCTOBER……

Ian Flack knows elite sport – he worked in the AFL system for over 25 years. Recruiting, administration and high-performance coaching with clubs like Collingwood and Melbourne.

It’s a brutal environment.

There are enormous cross overs between Elite Sport and Investing. The need to focus, be resilient and well prepared. The ability to perform under pressure and understand and control your own personal psychology.

When working in AFL, one of Ian’s core mantras was “Premierships are won in October”.

Sounds kinda crazy when you think about all the hype and excitement that is going on now? The “momentum” that teams bring into the finals, injuries and the impact of the screaming fans come game day.

However, what Ian is saying is that it’s all about the planning. That a premiership campaign starts in October. The decisions sporting clubs make in October determines their opportunities for the next season and often many years to come.

October is the time decisions are made on the future structure of the club, coaching appointments, playing list changes, changes to key executives and boards. It is also the time key decisions are made on the future culture of the club.

Get October right and your execution will determine success the following September.

Its EXACTLY the same with your finances!

‘If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!’ –  Benjamin Franklin

If you don’t take the time to plan and reflect you have no chance of investment success.

Calnan Flack are giving you the chance to define YOUR future Investment Success this October .

It’s by no coincidence that our Opportunities Summit is on in October – remember “Premierships are won in October”

Your first decision is to commit to making or reviewing your Investment Plan in October.

Failing to do so will ensure you underperform in the future.

Just as those teams in the Grand Final have a well-planned and developed game plan – October is the time to develop your Premiership Investment Campaign!

But you don’t have to do it on your own. Elite sportspersons need coaches and mentors, as do investors. Calnan Flack is here to help.

So join us at the Calnan Flack Opportunities Summit to clearly understand

  • Where we are in this investment cycle
  • What will happen NEXT
  • The Opportunities Available to you

Then to most importantly decide the ACTION you need to take to reach your goals.

It’s about YOU making meaningful investment decisions to ensure you meet your goals and objectives.

So rather than being a face in the Grand Final crowd, looking on wishing you were out on the ground, take the time to plan YOUR 2018 Premiership Investment Campaign.

Jeremy Calnan

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