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Our objective is to provide the best ethical, innovative and strategic investment and education services for Investors.

Calnan Flack offer more than just financial advice. We aim to mentor you to be able to make informed decisions regarding your financial goals and personal financial management.

Advice is provided in a consultative manner fostering transparency and trust with strategies and investments tailored to meet individual requirements.

Believing better financially educated clients will result in better client outcomes we pride ourselves on an open learning culture.

We understand that the best results are gained by working within a team. Your Calnan Flack Investor Mentor will work with our chosen specialists and your team of professionals to ensure your goals and objectives are met.

Our comprehensive ongoing service involves an education process combined with a traditional full service financial advice offering.

This process means we will work with you as much or as little, as is required to optimise your financial plan.


A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) allows you, as the Trustee, to take control of your retirement funds. This control enables trustees to have greater involvement and flexibility in both the management of the fund and investment decisions. You can invest directly in your own chosen combination of investments, such as shares, property, fixed interest investments, managed funds and cash.

With this control comes an increased level of responsibility, so while all self-managed funds feature direct investment discretion, you can choose the extent of administration support, investment reporting and compliance support services you outsource to help fulfil your responsibilities.

Calnan Flack offer strategic and timely investment and asset allocation advice to assist clients to maximise returns and achieve their retirement goals.


Calnan Flack’s knowledge and understanding of how the economy moves through a predictable, scientific process of Boom then Bust, enables us to advise clients on timing their investments to maximise the probability of superior returns.

We understand this process intimately and when viewed within our scientific framework, allows us to provide dynamic advice on both your asset allocation and investment strategy depending on your specific circumstances, where we are in the cycle and what we expect to occur next.

Dynamic investment advice is provided to clients on both the long term cycles that impact property investments as well as the short, medium and long term cycles of the share market.

By understanding how the business and investment cycles interact and what to expect during different times in the cycle, allows us to make decisions based not on emotions but upon sound economic theory.

This cannot be underestimated – understanding WHAT action to take and most importantly, WHEN to act.

Past performance is not necessarily a guide to future performance and should not be relied upon for this purpose. This chart does not purport to be financial advice and does not take into account your personal needs and objectives or your financial circumstances. You should therefore consider these matters yourself before deciding whether it is appropriate to you and whether you should act upon it. Should financial advice be sought, we suggest you seek such advice from an appropriately qualified advisor. Authorised Representatives of PGW Financial Services Pty Ltd – AFSL 384713. ©Copyright 2017 All Rights Reserved—Prepared by Jeremy Calnan & Ian Flack.


Insurance can play an important role in safeguarding not only assets but also your already implemented investment strategies to ensure that should the unexpected happen financial goals can still be met .

Calnan Flack believes insurance needs to be considered as part of your holistic circumstances and investment strategies. We do not recommend insurance for all clients as each client will have differing insurance needs depending on their personal family circumstances, levels of debt and strategies implemented.

We will not just sell you insurance we will explain the alternatives and ensure that your structure is correct and that cover provides you with the best outcomes, should a claim be necessary.


Calnan Flack have a simple and transparent fee structure. We do not negotiate on fees or our commitment to service.

Astute Investors understand that professionals that lower their fees are focused on making a sale and will lower their service with their fees. We are focused on developing long term relationships and providing exceptional value to Investors.

Our Fees are a hybrid of Fee for service and commissions depending on the Investment. All Fees are clearly outlined in your Statements of Advice.


The Calnan Flack Blogs are our opportunity to share further knowledge on economic and wealth creation topics.  Members have access to economic and educational updates, opinions, strategies, investment methodologies, wealth creation segments and potential investment opportunities.  These Blogs are aim to keeping you motivated, focused and will assist in reducing any investment driven stress and anxiety.

Many Blogs will be available to Investment Club Members only. All Blogs are clearly labelled to help members identify Blogs of interest.

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Calnan Flack will tailor workplace solutions for companies wishing to encourage and support employees with their personal financial goals. In addition, Calnan Flack offers Management assistance focusing on staff retention and recruitment.

Calnan Flack’s workplace solutions are designed to become an integral part of your company’s human resource and staff development program, assisting your company to develop an holistic culture.


Estate planning is the process of ensuring that accumulated assets are transferred to beneficiaries in line with the wishes of the estate owner. Relevant goals could include ensuring that assets pass to intended beneficiaries including surviving dependants such as a partner or children, minimising tax liabilities associated with the receipt or sale of assets and avoiding legal issues and court delays.

The reality is that regardless of your age or life circumstances, should you die without a carefully prepared estate plan, your assets could end up with someone else rather than where you want them to go.

Your estate plan may include personal Wills, Binding Death Nominations, Powers of Attorney, Testamentary Trusts or establishing a charitable legacy.


Calnan Flack has developed a program aimed at educating future beneficiaries which outlines the responsibilities and opportunities that accompany the inheritance of money. It is our aim to ensure that the wealth you have worked so hard to create is not squandered and beneficiaries use these funds to further their financial independence.

Calnan Flack will work with you to ensure your wealth transfers to your children or other beneficaries you select. This process is much more than safeguarding estate planning strategies are in place. The process involves meetings with all parties involved and an education process is negotiated with you.

Research shows that by the end of the second generation 60% of families have lost their inherited wealth and 90% of families have little or nothing left of money received from grandparents.

So what will happen to your wealth?


Regardless of how much you earn you have to live within your means and a budget is essential in realising your goals.

Calnan Flack will help you harness and control your cash flow allowing you to achieve your financial goals and objectives. Our process of education and providing clients with the tools needed will ensure these objectives are achieved.

Debt strategies, such as the prioritising and consolidation of loans, ensuring that bad debt is either retired completely or recycled into good debt, is a focus for many clients. Loan structures, lump sum or additional repayments is advice that Calnan Flack can provide specific to your circumstances.


Your relationship with Calnan Flack begins with meeting one of our advisors so we can understand your financial situation and your future goals. We will then prepare you a personal financial plan for you known as a Statement of Advice (SOA).

This SOA provides you with specific personal financial advice taking into account your objectives, financial situation and needs. Further, it will provide you with information about fees, commissions and any associations which may have impacted our advice.

This SOA will be presented and explained to you at a subsequent meeting. You then need to decide whether to proceed with all, some or none of the recommendations.

On an ongoing basis, an Record of Advice (ROA) may be provided instead of an SOA if there have been no significant changes in your personal circumstances or the basis of the advice has not significantly changed since your last SOA was provided.


Calnan Flack provides Members with the opportunity to attend regular Investment Club meetings. These regular meetings are held across Australia and provide the opportunity to meet and network with like-minded investors.

Meetings include presentations on investment strategies, opportunities, current economic and market updates. All meetings are preceded by an optional opportunity to meet the presenters and other members over dinner.

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Structuring your FinancesThe complexities involved in navigating the continuing changing landscape of taxation, legislation, investment markets and asset protection brings with it opportunity. Calnan Flack will ensure that your finances are structured in the most appropriate manner for your specific circumstances.
Calnan Flack is well versed with the different tax and ownership structures and the differing impacts that these can have on your situation. This may involve whether to invest inside or outside of your Superannuation fund, in the name of your spouse, a company or trust. We can model different scenarios for you to create the best outcome.