We all have a choice – we can work harder or we can have our money work harder? SIMPLE CHOICE!

The rich are NOT richer because they work harder. They are smarter? They are rich because they get their money working hard for them.

Everything we do at Calnan Flack is based around the Investment Cycle and the Effortless Advantage – about helping investors like you maximise their economic outcomes.

At Calnan Flack we are constantly frustrated that investors continue to work long hours, toiling hard for wages, trying to achieve a sound financial future for their families.

Its harsh really – forgoing in excess of 2,000 hours a year from your family, friends and leisure activities. All to go to WORK!

And why are you going to work?

Its crazy, you spend +2,000 hrs a year at work yet can’t afford the time to understand the opportunities available to you, prioritise these opportunities and TAKE ACTION.

The aim of the Calnan Flack Opportunities Summit is EXACTLY that! To ensure medium to long term investors understand what opportunities are currently available (be it taxation, shares, property, superannuation etc). To prioritise them to best fit your personal circumstances and goals.

Most importantly this day is to commit to TAKING ACTION!

I don’t regret the things I’ve done I regret the things I didn’t do when I had the chance.

Ever regretted not buying that house? Or not selling those shares before the GFC?

Ever wished your Nanna still owned that land – it would be worth millions now wouldn’t it?

Well here is your chance to gain the investment foresight and confidence to make such decisions. To foresee what will occur BEFORE it does. To take action to capitalise on the opportunities available to you.

This day is aimed at those wanting to use the cycle to leverage their opportunities and wealth.

  • To clearly understand where we are in this investment cycle.
  • What will happen NEXT and the opportunities this WILL create
  • What ACTION do you need to take to reach your goals.

Can you afford to miss out by not attending?

When we started Calnan Flack we had a very clear vision of what our Opportunities Summit would look like. This day is the culmination of hard work, study, reviewing and reflecting on how we can best help investors

We know people struggle to find the time.

We know how important it is to take your opportunities.

We know how the cycle will manifest.

We know what opportunities there are for you.

We know YOU need to take some time to consider your goals



The Opportunities Summit is our answer for investors.

Your day to MAKE decisions and TAKE action.

Attending the Opportunities Summit may have a greater impact on your Net Worth and your families wellbeing than the whole year you spend at work.

Its about YOU Making and Actioning Life Changing Investment Decisions. Confidently making and taking the correct investment action.

Don’t be that person who looks back at life saying to younger folk “Gee I wish I knew what I do now at your your age! The opportunities that I have missed…”

Can you afford to miss out?

Calnan Flack has proved beyond any doubts its ability to forecast and see the investment future. For market speculators, we have our Forecasting Conference – now we have the Opportunities Summit for investors.

Come and join us at the Calnan Flack Opportunities Summit so that you don’t look back with regret – the regret of not capitalising on missed opportunities….

Its your money – lets make it grow!


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