Calnan Flack turned 5 last week – YEAH!

Alas it passed without much fuss or fanfare – not even a candle on a cake! Neither Ian nor myself are much for such celebrations, more focused on what’s happening next.

But we did pause to take stock of our growth and achievements over the last few years.

Calnan Flack has grown, from its infancy as a meticulously detailed vision into what it is today; a multi-faceted client centric Financial Education and Advice company. With complete Education, Investment, Strategy, Mortgage and Property solutions all built upon an ethical, cycle focussed culture.

But it’s our people that we are most proud of and what really sets us apart.

The people who CHOOSE to work with us – Team Calnan Flack is how we internally refer to everyone.

The depth and breadth of our team is awesome and the envy of many of our peers. Calnan Flack could not be what it is today without such a great Team!

We specially appreciate the clients who joined us in our early days and whose support has been a key factor in our growth. Many of our clients have come from personal recommendations which is always very satisfying.

And our Team has grown AGAIN!

Calnan Flack would like to warmly introduce and welcome Jennifer Noonan in Melbourne and Dane Pymble in Sydney our newest Calnan Flack Advisers.

Jennifer Noonan who has joined our Team in Melbourne has been a Financial Planner since 2000. She has held positions within private practice, the corporate world and even in education both lecturing and writing subjects for the new Financial Planning Degree course.

We have been focussed on the need for an adviser in Sydney for some time and are pleased to welcome Dane Pymble to the Team. Dane will be commencing with Calnan Flack in October. Many of you would already know Dane as he has been a long-time subscriber of Phil Anderson and regular participant at Calnan Flack events. Dane has attended all of our Forecast Conferences since the first in 2014.

Dane is a co-founder of Infinitas Asset Management and his knowledge of the financial advice industry, investment markets and the cycle is extraordinary. He has spent the last 10 years primarily as an investment portfolio manager and compliance expert.

Ian and I are both extremely excited and humbled that Jennifer and Dane have chosen to join Cathy Stacey on our Team of advisers, and this is far from the end of our growth!

We have negotiated with two more advisers to join our Team early in 2019 as well as the appointment of a Manager to oversee our Advice Business leaving Ian and I more time to research, teach, ponder the markets and manage the Calnan Flack portfolios.

Team Calnan Flack does not stand still for long and we have already planned the next round of events, investments and opportunities including:-

These events are not just fantastic learning opportunities but also a great time to meet and get to know our growing Calnan Flack Team.

So welcome Jennifer and Dane to our Team!

These are exciting times for clients, students and investment Club Members to whom we say thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement!

We think that the key to our Team Calnan Flack success is summed up in our tag line.

Ethical, Innovative and Strategic

It says it all really…

Our Calnan Flack Teams:

Financial Advisers

Jennifer Noonan

Dane Pymble

Cathy Stacey


Jeremy Calnan

Elizabeth Flack

Ian Flack

James Flack

Jenny Flack

John Tudtud

Investment Committee

Phil Anderson

Katherine Burns

Kym Peters

Dr Robert Vagg


Alan Calnan

Elizabeth Flack

Several of our clients and forecasting group who share their research with us

Editorial & Events

Michele Calnan

Calnan Flack Finance

Mark Austin

Petro Triantafyllou

Property Team

Omar Moujalli

Mark Williams

Taxation and Accountants

Alice Calnan

Craig Shirley


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