There are several guaranteed ways to wealth that I can think of:

  • Choose your parents wisely
  • Choose your partners carefully
  • Choose your country shrewdly

As Australians, it’s this last point that we have all got right.

We talk endlessly about the 5 underlying drivers of our economy and while those 5 drivers remain embedded into the underlying DNA of our economy, they must manifest into a Boom Bust cycle.

Understanding these drivers provides us with an enormous competitive advantage in the investment decisions we make.

The quality of these drivers ensures the productive nature of our economy continues to advance at a rapid rate.

We take our superior infrastructure for granted. Our quality network of roads, water, communication and electricity and our education system is supported by pre-schools, schools, universities and other learning institutes.

Although many complain about our medical system, it is far in advance of most countries. A quality medical system helps to ensure continuing productivity growth.

We are the “Lucky Country” by all accounts. Opportunities abound!

With the privilege we have brings responsibility, a social responsibility and the requirement to give.

I’m proud to introduce a very good friend of mine with a very big heart – Jordan Hill.

Jordy, as he’s affectionally known, has a passion – a passion that resides in the heart of Henry George’s philosophies, one of “Breaking the Dependency Cycle”.

Unlike Australia, many parts of the world are endowed with natural resources but lack the infrastructure or government oversight to see their full potential.

Jordy’s goal is to help those less fortunate accomplish a standard of living they didn’t think possible.

Jordy is a volunteer board member for the not-for-profit One Heart Foundation (Kenya) and his father Tez, is a Global Ambassador with Hope Village (Indonesia), – together they are on a mission to raise a whopping $250,000 to create a sustainable improvement for those less privileged than ourselves!

The One Heart Foundation and Hope Village together provide schooling and homes for close to 135 orphans.

Just think about that.

Its 135 children that would have become just another tragic statistic had it not been for these two proven and life transforming villages.

“Breaking the Dependency Cycle” is Jordy’s mission and it demands more than handouts!

The initiatives of the One Heart Foundation include ventures like sustainable agriculture production of dairy, fruit & vegetables, fishery and even an on-site bakery that all provide revenue, skills and an improvement to living standards.

Your support will allow both villages to expand their footprint (continue with their sustainable initiatives) and impact more and more children who are living in poverty, are disadvantaged and at risk.

The schools are subsidised by local fee-paying students – remember the foundation is all about creating a sustainable community environment where everyone is granted opportunities and the longevity of the projects are assured.

It’s imperative that these projects are economically viable and that as a community, they have the skills to continue to run them.

We love the concept of “teaching people how to fish” – so Calnan Flack is getting on board to help Jordy’s Fifty50 Challenge. It’s time for us to give a little back and we are asking you to do the same.

So what are we going to do?

In keeping of our theme of the 5 Drivers, Ian will be walking 25km around London visiting all the stops along the Monopoly Board (hopefully he doesn’t get sent to gaol), while Jeremy will be walking the beautiful 35km Riesling Trail in the Clare Valley.

It’s important that as individuals and a community we give back to those less fortunate.

Remember, we know how unfair our economic system can be.

We have a CHOICE to “use” or be “used by” the Economic Cycle.

But not everyone has this choice! Some are simply victims.

I would ask you all to contemplate just how lucky we are here in Australia – and to give a little bit of this LUCK to those who could put it to use in a productive manner.

The funny thing about all this is that when you understand how the drivers work, as we do, by assisting these communities you are actually increasing their PRODUCTIVITY.

Which in turn increases their PROFITABILITY.

Which in turn will help facilitate and promote further global PRODUCTIVITY and PROFITABILITY. Which in turn will create investment opportunities for us to participate in.

This of course is in addition to the great feeling of helping others and that kind return from the Tax Man…

To learn more about the Fifty50 challenge click here:

To donate and help create a more productive community, global investment opportunities and a hand out from the Tax Man click here:

I would love to help!

On behalf of Fifty50, Jordy Hill and Calnan Flack we say thank you!


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