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Cathy began studying, researching and analysing economic cycles in 2010 after she saw the devastating effects of the GFC on members of her family who had invested at the top of the cycle and suffered major financial losses through no fault of their own. Cathy says ‘It’s been my cause to learn about the boom/bust economic cycles, be abreast of where we are in each phase of the cycle, educate others and help them invest wisely in line with cycle movements. What I want to help investors understand is that economic cyclical movements are scientific and repeatable and this knowledge can empower them with their investing.”

Cathy has been a business owner for the last 20 years, owns investments across the property and sharemarket asset classes and operates her own SMSF. Business and investment strategy along with economic cycle education are her major focus. 

Cathy holds the Diploma of Financial Planning and a Financial Services Licence AR 1251236.