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Why Brisbane? – Brisbane ‘Live’

WHY BRISBANE? – BRISBANE ‘LIVE’ Welcome to the seventh blog in our WHY BRISBANE series. NY’s Madison Square Garden is coming to Brisbane! Above the Roma Street rail lines, ‘Brisbane Live’ a $2B ultra-entertainment precinct will be Brisbane’s answer to Madison Square Garden. The center piece of the Brisbane Live plan is a new 17,000 seat world class arena where international superstars will perform and world sporting events will be held. The arena will be surrounded by multiplex cinemas, restaurants and bars as well as a spectacular 90 storey residential tower of 4,000 new apartments. Thousands of jobs will be created within this precinct and the flow on effect of Brisbane’s reputation will ultimately drive tourism to the city. The redevelopment concept for the whole of the Roma Street site is unique and truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. View the Brisbane Live Master […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Howard Smith Wharves

WHY BRISBANE? – HOWARD SMITH WHARVES Welcome to the sixth blog in our series of WHY BRISBANE A 3.43 hectare site including over 500m of ABSOLUTE RIVER FRONTAGE! Unparalleled views back over the beautiful city of Brisbane! The Howard Smith Wharves are the last remaining undeveloped parcel of waterfront land in the Brisbane CBD. The brief for this development was to re-energize this culturally important precinct. To connect the New Farm River walk with the CBD with both boardwalks and cycle paths and an energetic buzz of Brisbane lifestyle at its best. The heritage-listed buildings will be transformed into dining and retail venues, while the open public space will be revamped into areas for festivals and markets. Image Source: https://howardsmithwharves.com/the-plan/ Artists Impression  150

Why Brisbane? – Brisbane Metro

WHY BRISBANE? – BRISBANE METRO Welcome to the fifth blog in our WHY BRISBANE series. Transportation is the quickest of all infrastructure projects to capitalise back into the land price. History show us it sends investment values sky high! Enter the Brisbane Metro. Upon completion its expected to cut travel times by 50% on some journeys and reduce CBD bus congestion. It includes 21km of impressive Brisbane style bus way infrastructure and will fix many inner city bottlenecks. Carrying up to 30,000 passengers per hour and running every three minutes this $944million dollar project will connect key health, education, knowledge and entertainment hubs. This impressive project will ensure that Brisbane is able to continue to grow well into the future. 8 seats left to join us in Brisbane. As property experts who specialise in locating the best properties for Calnan Flack Investors we are excited […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Brisbane Quarter

WHY BRISBANE? – BRISBANE QUARTER Welcome to the fourth blog in our series of WHY BRISBANE Brisbane Quarter Brisbane Quarter will occupy a complete city block and take in views of the Brisbane river elevating this precinct to a signature destination for local residents and the business community alike. Costing in excess of $1 Billion it will house some of Brisbane’s most exciting bars and restaurants along with 40 stories of prime office space and 82 stories of luxury residential living. Construction on the ambitious Brisbane Quarter at 300 George street started in September 2016. The first stage includes a seven-story basement carpark, retail and hotel facilities and the hotel tower. The mixed use nature of the development is unique and will provide George street with an exciting future. Artist’s impression of Brisbane Quarter. As property experts who specialise in locating the best properties for […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Brisbane Airport Redevelopment

WHY BRISBANE? – BRISBANE AIRPORT REDEVELOPMENT Welcome to the third blog in our series of WHY BRISBANE Australia’s biggest aviation project will provide Brisbane with the best runway system in the country. This environmentally sound and award winning project will transform the existing marshland, positioned 2 kilometers west of the existing runway into a 3.3 kilometer and 60 meter wide landing strip with 12 kilometers of taxiway. The land has been reclaimed by pumping 11 million cubic meters of sand onto this 360 hectare site. The site has been manicured for four years using 330,000 wick drains that have funneled all excess water to the surface allowing the weight of the sand to create a sound base for the construction of the airfield. The next phase will see the commencement of the pavement, lighting, navigation aids […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Northshore Hamilton

WHY BRISBANE? – NORTHSHORE HAMILTON Welcome to the second in our WHY BRISBANE series of blogs. NORTHSHORE HAMILTON This $5 billion project will ensure the Northshore area becomes an icon of the Brisbane landscape. Comprising over 304ha, this development is the largest waterfront urban renewal project in Queensland and will help transform Northshore’s primary industrial area, just six kilometres from the CBD, into a vibrant riverside precinct. New occupants, both residential and business are lining up to take advantage of the 2.5 kilometres of riverside views, lifestyle opportunities and open space on offer as the project takes shape over the next 20 years. If you are interested in learning more about Brisbane first hand, then come and join us on our Brisbane Property Tour. Mark Williams Register your interest for upcoming Brisbane Property Tours Examine Property are property experts […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Queen’s Wharf

WHY BRISBANE? – QUEEN’S WHARF Welcome to the first in our WHY BRISBANE series of blogs. As property experts specialising in locating the best properties for Calnan Flack Investors we are excited to showcase Brisbane in our series of  WHY BRISBANE blogs. Although we are based in Sydney and Melbourne, our focus is to source the best possible investment opportunities to investors. Sydney and Melbourne offer good investment opportunities, however, we currently believe Brisbane is unparalleled in its investment offering underpinned by the Property Drivers taught by Calnan Flack. We will articulate the opportunity in Brisbane in this series of blogs however if you truly want to learn and understand exactly why Brisbane then there is no better way to learn than to come and touch and experience Brisbane. We would love you to join us on our Brisbane Property Tour. For […] 150