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August 2018 Property Market Update

AUGUST 2018 PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE In this month’s market update, Omar Moujalli from Examine Property outlines where each Capital City is in the 18 Year Cycle and how they are currently performing in terms of capital growth and rental return. Omar also looks at vacancy rates around the nation and which city is showing danger signs in terms of supply of rental properties. There are also signs that one Capital City which was a stellar performer last decade is nearing the bottom of its cycle and could be on the improve in the near future. THIS BLOG WAS PREPARED FOR THE CALNAN FLACK PROPERTY CLUB If you with to join the Property Club and receive notifications about blogs such as this one and […] 150
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Why Understanding Valuations are key to Property Investing!

WHY UNDERSTANDING VALUATIONS ARE KEY TO PROPERTY INVESTING! What is a Property Valuation? A property valuation is an estimate of the market value of a property on a specific date and is based on what the property would likely sell for under normal circumstances in an open and competitive real estate market. The valuation conditions assume both the buyer and seller are not under any pressure and have accurate knowledge of the property being bought or sold. Getting a property valuation may seem like yet another expense but is a necessity for a successful real estate transaction and can benefit both the vendor and purchaser. A property valuation is generally conducted on request by a property owner or a prospective buyer. A valuation can also be requested by a lending institution such as a bank, who is looking to fund the purchase of a property. 150
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What does Landlords Insurance cover?

WHAT DOES LANDLORDS INSURANCE COVER? The great thing about being a “LAND-lord” is that, well you own the LAND! And land has some very special properties (pardon the pun)  like the fact that it is indestructible! However, the same can NOT be said for the building that sits upon the land and its typically the rental income from this building that helps “LAND-lords” cash flow the holding of such assets. But unlike the indestructible nature of land, its not always plain sailing for us Land Lords – a leaking tap, fire damage or a burst water pipe can cause terrible damage to your property. It can also leave you out of pocket or without a tenant and therefore without rent, leading to unexpected holes in your budget. Protection for your investment property is a critical component […] 150
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The Dubai Miracle

THE DUBAI MIRACLE You can hear the Land Barons screaming it out now – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION At Calnan Flack we completely agree, however we go further by describing why location is so important and how it explains the last 200 years of Economic Boom Bust cycles. Our 5 Key drivers are crucial in any economic or real estate expansion. These drivers explain the how, when and where of any economic, real estate or credit expansion (and contraction!) SO, sit back and watch this excellent time lapsed YouTube video by Knight Frank titled “Dubai Evolution from 1960 to 2021”. And ask yourself how the 5 Drivers are impacting and influencing the Dubai Miracle. THIS BLOG WAS PREPARED FOR THE PROPERTY CLUB If you with to join the Property Club and receive notifications […] 150

Budget 2018 – Impact on the Property Market

BUDGET 2018 – IMPACT ON THE PROPERTY MARKET Waking this morning to the news of the budget gave me a laugh. I opened an email from The Real Estate Institute of Australia with a link to their press release titled “Budget benign for housing: REIA”. You can read it for yourself here: Media Release but the first line says it all “The 2018 Budget had no measures that specifically address housing supply and affordability, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA)”. However, as students of The 18 Year Real Estate and Economic Cycle we see this budget differently. A whopping $75 Billion! YES, you heard it correctly, $75 Billion of transport infrastructure. This will drive economic activity and will be captured in the one place – land values. It will create jobs to build the infrastructure and will […] 150
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A Modern Twist on the Cantillon Effect

A MODERN TWIST ON THE CANTILLON EFFECT “Same, Same, but different”.  That’s how we often describe the cycle. You see if the cycle repeated exactly the same every time, it would be easy for everyone to see it. The markets just cannot allow this to happen. The market must do whatever it can to fool most of the people, most of the time. New legislation and different political agenda’s. Innovative financial products and solutions along with fresh social and moral standards. The latest world and geopolitical tensions and of course investor memory and the herd mentality ensure this cycle can NOT mirror the last precisely. It’s the drivers that are important though – our all-important Five Underlying Drivers.  If the drivers are in place, then the cycle will find a way to manifest. The Cantillon Effect is understood by Architects and Developers, but somehow, […] 150

Is Housing out for the Count?

IS HOUSING OUT FOR THE COUNT? CoreLogic data late last week sent headlines spinning. The announcement that Sydney house prices had declined 0.5% was a shock to all. This results in Sydney house prices growing by a miniscule 6.6%pa! Head of Research, Tim Lawless, called it a “significant turn of events”. But UBS economist George Tharenou saw it as much worse than that – proclaiming Australia’s housing boom is now “officially over”. “Australia’s world record housing boom is ‘officially’ over after a large ‘upswing’ of 6556% price growth in 55 years,” UBS economist George Tharenou. Now that’s a BIG statement. Sydney house prices have risen by over 70% since 2012 however, many are pointing to the material effects that APRA’s tightening regulation is having on the banks. Lawless went on to say: “Lenders have tightened their servicing […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Brisbane ‘Live’

WHY BRISBANE? – BRISBANE ‘LIVE’ Welcome to the seventh blog in our WHY BRISBANE series. NY’s Madison Square Garden is coming to Brisbane! Above the Roma Street rail lines, ‘Brisbane Live’ a $2B ultra-entertainment precinct will be Brisbane’s answer to Madison Square Garden. The center piece of the Brisbane Live plan is a new 17,000 seat world class arena where international superstars will perform and world sporting events will be held. The arena will be surrounded by multiplex cinemas, restaurants and bars as well as a spectacular 90 storey residential tower of 4,000 new apartments. Thousands of jobs will be created within this precinct and the flow on effect of Brisbane’s reputation will ultimately drive tourism to the city. The redevelopment concept for the whole of the Roma Street site is unique and truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. View the Brisbane Live Master […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Howard Smith Wharves

WHY BRISBANE? – HOWARD SMITH WHARVES Welcome to the sixth blog in our series of WHY BRISBANE A 3.43 hectare site including over 500m of ABSOLUTE RIVER FRONTAGE! Unparalleled views back over the beautiful city of Brisbane! The Howard Smith Wharves are the last remaining undeveloped parcel of waterfront land in the Brisbane CBD. The brief for this development was to re-energize this culturally important precinct. To connect the New Farm River walk with the CBD with both boardwalks and cycle paths and an energetic buzz of Brisbane lifestyle at its best. The heritage-listed buildings will be transformed into dining and retail venues, while the open public space will be revamped into areas for festivals and markets. Image Source: https://howardsmithwharves.com/the-plan/ Artists Impression  150

Why Brisbane? – Brisbane Metro

WHY BRISBANE? – BRISBANE METRO Welcome to the fifth blog in our WHY BRISBANE series. Transportation is the quickest of all infrastructure projects to capitalise back into the land price. History show us it sends investment values sky high! Enter the Brisbane Metro. Upon completion its expected to cut travel times by 50% on some journeys and reduce CBD bus congestion. It includes 21km of impressive Brisbane style bus way infrastructure and will fix many inner city bottlenecks. Carrying up to 30,000 passengers per hour and running every three minutes this $944million dollar project will connect key health, education, knowledge and entertainment hubs. This impressive project will ensure that Brisbane is able to continue to grow well into the future. 8 seats left to join us in Brisbane. As property experts who specialise in locating the best properties for Calnan Flack Investors we are excited […] 150