What Happened to Negative Gearing?

I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Trumpy and the Rocket Man are now besties. The media has been stuffed full of their historic meeting that took place in Singapore, where together they tucked into their prawn cocktails and mango kerabu served with fresh octopus and a honey and lime dressing …. Oh, the highlife some get to live! And yet just a few weeks before that we were fixated on the Royal Wedding – which has been all but forgotten. The news cycle is lightning fast these days. So, it’s easy to forget that not long ago, Treasurer Scott Morrison (on behalf of the Turnbull Government) presented to the House of Representatives, the 2018 May Budget. Do you even remember what was announced Budget night? I’m sorry to challenge your long-term memory, but I’m hoping that you can think back to the Pre-Budget […] 150
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The Locational Value of North Korea

If you have ANY doubts whether the real-estate cycle will continue then watch the clip below. Its taken from a press conference given by Donald Trump after his historic 2018 Summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un Listen carefully to what Trump says. Whilst the drivers remain embedded into our economic DNA, the cycle MUST find a way to manifest into a BOOM BUST cycle. Every cycle will be different, but the same. Trump on the Locational Value of North Korea: This clip shows how Trump is a real-estate developer at heart. This is how he sees the world and we think his actions will drive this cycle to be the BIGGEST we have ever seen! GET ON BOARD! “They have great beaches. You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean, right. I said, ‘Boy, look at that view. Wouldn’t […] 150
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Fifty50 Challenge

There are several guaranteed ways to wealth that I can think of: Choose your parents wisely Choose your partners carefully Choose your country shrewdly As Australians, it’s this last point that we have all got right. We talk endlessly about the 5 underlying drivers of our economy and while those 5 drivers remain embedded into the underlying DNA of our economy, they must manifest into a Boom Bust cycle. Understanding these drivers provides us with an enormous competitive advantage in the investment decisions we make. The quality of these drivers ensures the productive nature of our economy continues to advance at a rapid rate. We take our superior infrastructure for granted. Our quality network of roads, water, communication and electricity and our education system is supported by pre-schools, schools, universities and other learning institutes. Although many complain about our medical […] 150
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Growing Up

I loved the long summer school break as a kid. Spending days at the beach and riding about with my mates. Occasionally we went away for a week or two as a family, but those summer holidays were long and ensured that there was plenty of time to spend with mates. Winter is here and although the cold has set in, as a family we’ve been discussing what to do over the upcoming June break. The family is split – skiing in the snow or chase the golden sun? My two boys, Judd and Rhett are very similar in many ways but also so different. One for the snow. One for the sun. Although there is only 17 months between them, physically they look decades apart! Juddy (14 yrs old) looks almost a man standing 186 cm,  yet “Little Rhettsy” barely scrapes 165cm. Rhett’s turn to […] 150
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17.24% Return for the last 12 Months

I was pumped! The blue ink from my favourite pen permanently marked the page with my messy signature. It was done. Signed! Sealed! The deal completed and all that was left to do was deliver the contract and the first of the Calnan Flack Model Share Portfolios would be live! Calnan Flack had joined the big game as Money Managers. Ian and I had been planning these portfolios for a long time. We meticulously plan everything, and we had put an enormous amount of planning into these portfolios. Investing is 90% preparation. I guess that’s why they call it “Financial PLANNING”. Fast forward 12 months… We gain the opportunity to critically review our public record. It’s something that we wanted to be able to do for a long time but until now ASIC has not allowed us. We believe in transparency and now we have a […] 150
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Why Do We Continue to Use Economic Theories That DON’T Work?

There is NO doubt that understanding the Investment & Credit Cycle and how they are underpinned and effected by the underlying economic drivers provides us with a Very Powerful Investment Edge. We spend a lot of time at both our Forecasting Conferences and Opportunity Summit reviewing how the drivers are manifesting this cycle and the opportunity that this is creating for astute investors. It is amazing how many investors have NO idea of the cycle and consequently they miss out on so many opportunities… Today I re-read this article and just couldn’t let it slide! Although it’s quite old, the point we can extrapolate from it is just as relevant now as it was when it was written. I would urge you all to read it and then think about the madness it purports? (See the link at the bottom of this Blog) I just […] 150
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It was a harsh year 1987. Bad Hair, Bad Market Crash. Bad movies… You see it was in the auspicious year of 1987 that the futuristic sci-fi movie Robocop was made. Fast forward to 2018 and Id like to introduce you to Nimbo – a real life Robocop. See at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Turing Video introduced its brand-new security robot, Nimbo. Built on the Segway Robotics’ mobility platform and enhanced with state-of-the-art machine learning and industry-leading sensors, Nimbo promises to reshape security with robotics and artificial intelligence (AI). Unlike other security robots, such as the 220-pound humanoid robot by PAL Robotics of Spain or the R2-D2 lookalike from Knightscope, Nimbo is a very compact and, well, a nimble robot. Its body measures only 63 cms across, allowing it to navigate through crowded areas agilely, and […] 150
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The History of the Future

The History of the Future – sounds like some sort of oxymoron doesn’t it? Bit like the title to my favourite movie “Back to the Future”. We say that the Cycle must repeat over and over again while the 5 Drivers of the Economy remain in place. We also know that these drivers have been in place for hundreds if not thousands of years. These Economic drivers are built into the DNA of our economic system. The role of the speculator can NOT be understated. However, the speculators go back much further than 1980’s Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko or even Jessie Livermore from the 1930’s or JP Morgan who saved Wall Street back in 1907…… No, let’s go back to Mesopotamia 1750BC and the sixth king of Babylon – Hammurabi. Hammurabi; the King of Babylon Hammurabi […] 150

A Giant Step in Lunar Tourism

When you think about it, we’ve sent some weird stuff into space. Dogs, chimpanzees, cheese wheels, robots and even astronauts. But earlier this month serial entrepreneur and media tart Elon Musk, sent one of his beloved Tesla Roadsters into space! It’s OK, it was being driven by a mannequin called Starman and I’m sure he had his space license? See Musk was out to make a point – that his company’s SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy was safe and had a bigger payload than a Toyota Hilux. Since its inception in 2002, Musk’s SpaceX program has blazed a path of unheralded success, leaving in its wake a trail of historic events, the latest of which demonstrated his ownership of the most powerful operating rockets on the planet. And what’s the final goal again? “To enable people to live on other planets” Musk hopes to build a Martian community of […] 150
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End of the Horse

In 1900 it was completely inconceivable as to how the automobile would change society. Who could have predicted the speed at which we moved from the horse and cart to the car? The picture below is Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1900. It’s a photo of elegant buildings, a crowded sidewalk and an orderly street awash with Horse and Carts. This was how life was. Everything that moved in and out of a city C1900 did so by foot or by horse and cart. People, food, waste, books, clothes, pots, pans and anything else required to make a city function. When you think about it in these terms it makes you realise the profound impact that the four-wheeled revolution had. This radical contraption completely revolutionised not only how you lived in a city, but the whole context of how it worked. Remember we think of the world […] 150
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