Topics Covered in this presentation are:


  • With better depreciation deductions and a superior return on new stock, an investor can more easily service their property portfolio.


  • The construction costs on a new 2 bedroom apartment are just as much if not more than a 3-4 bedroom project home.


  • You cannot depreciate the land component. With older houses, the majority of the purchase price is represented as land value.


  • For income earners on the higher marginal tax brackets, holding a portfolio of new residential property will have minimal impact on their after tax cash flow.


  • For the same after tax cost, you can hold a significantly larger portfolio of new residential apartments compared to older houses.


  • It is also pertinent to mention LAND TAX. With apartments, the land component is smaller. You can often hold a larger portfolio of apartments before you run into land tax implications. It is also noteworthy that Land Tax is a state based tax, so diversifying between the states over time is also a good strategy.