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Brisbane Airport

Australia’s biggest aviation project will provide Brisbane with the best runway system in the country. This environmentally sound and award winning project will transform the existing marshland, positioned 2 kilometers west of the existing runway into a 3.3 kilometer and 60 meter wide landing strip with 12 kilometers of taxiway. The land has been reclaimed by pumping 11 million cubic meters of sand onto this 360 hectare site. The site has been manicured for four years using 330,000 wick drains that have funneled all excess water to the surface allowing the weight of the sand to create a sound base for the construction of the airfield. The next phase will see the commencement of the pavement, lighting, navigation aids and landscaping. Once complete, Brisbane airport will have the same capacity as Hong Kong and Singapore airports. The project has created 2700 construction jobs and will be completed in 2020 at a total investment of $1.35 billion.

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As property experts who specialise in locating the best properties for Calnan Flack Investors we are excited to showcase Brisbane in our series of  WHY BRISBANE blogs.

Although we are based in Sydney and Melbourne, we believe in sourcing and presenting the best possible opportunities to our clients. Sydney and Melbourne offer some investment opportunity, however, we believe Brisbane is unparalleled in its investment offering underpinned by the Property Drivers as taught by Calnan Flack.

We can articulate the opportunity in Brisbane only so well in this series of blogs and sincerely believe that if you truly want to learn and understand just exactly what Brisbane has on offer, then there is no better way to come and touch and experience Brisbane.

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