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August 2018 Property Market Update

AUGUST 2018 PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE In this month’s market update, Omar Moujalli from Examine Property outlines where each Capital City is in the 18 Year Cycle and how they are currently performing in terms of capital growth and rental return. Omar also looks at vacancy rates around the nation and which city is showing danger signs in terms of supply of rental properties. There are also signs that one Capital City which was a stellar performer last decade is nearing the bottom of its cycle and could be on the improve in the near future. THIS BLOG WAS PREPARED FOR THE CALNAN FLACK PROPERTY CLUB If you with to join the Property Club and receive notifications about blogs such as this one and […] 150
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Budget 2018 – Impact on the Property Market

BUDGET 2018 – IMPACT ON THE PROPERTY MARKET Waking this morning to the news of the budget gave me a laugh. I opened an email from The Real Estate Institute of Australia with a link to their press release titled “Budget benign for housing: REIA”. You can read it for yourself here: Media Release but the first line says it all “The 2018 Budget had no measures that specifically address housing supply and affordability, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA)”. However, as students of The 18 Year Real Estate and Economic Cycle we see this budget differently. A whopping $75 Billion! YES, you heard it correctly, $75 Billion of transport infrastructure. This will drive economic activity and will be captured in the one place – land values. It will create jobs to build the infrastructure and will […] 150
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$20,000 Bonus to live in the country

$20,000 BONUS TO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY Did you see the Victorian government increased its first homeowners grant to $20K for regional buyers? Interesting! They also released over the weekend a waving of stamp duty for first home owners for properties under $600K which fazes out between $600-$750K. However as in the past, developers will just lift prices due to the extra demand. With the government telegraphing the changes, its very likely you will see developers lift the prices straight away for new properties. As always the price rises will be greater than the value of the grants, this always happens. This is simply because buyers now have an extra $20k which the banks will allow them to leverage against – that is if a 20% deposit is required, first home buyers can borrow another $80k + $20k, their new deposit, giving them in simple terms another $100,000 to spend. 150
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