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DEPRECIATION PART 1  For property investors depreciation is a vital contributor to tax deductions and an integral part of the income and capital gain equation. Professional investors use this to their advantage but many mum and dad investors are ignorant of these highly lucrative tax rules. In this Series we will explain exactly what depreciation is and how savvy investors use it to their benefit. Part 1 – Explains the key components of depreciation and the different types. Part 2 – Demonstrates how depreciation deductions can dramatically improve your cashflow allowing you to build bigger, more profitable property investment portfolios. In further instalments of this Depreciation series, will work through cash flow examples, clarify misconceptions in the media and even observe some different political opinions on the subject! All this and more, in the Depreciation Series. 150
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Why Understanding Valuations are key to Property Investing!

WHY UNDERSTANDING VALUATIONS ARE KEY TO PROPERTY INVESTING! What is a Property Valuation? A property valuation is an estimate of the market value of a property on a specific date and is based on what the property would likely sell for under normal circumstances in an open and competitive real estate market. The valuation conditions assume both the buyer and seller are not under any pressure and have accurate knowledge of the property being bought or sold. Getting a property valuation may seem like yet another expense but is a necessity for a successful real estate transaction and can benefit both the vendor and purchaser. A property valuation is generally conducted on request by a property owner or a prospective buyer. A valuation can also be requested by a lending institution such as a bank, who is looking to fund the purchase of a property. 150
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What does Landlords Insurance cover?

WHAT DOES LANDLORDS INSURANCE COVER? The great thing about being a “LAND-lord” is that, well you own the LAND! And land has some very special properties (pardon the pun)  like the fact that it is indestructible! However, the same can NOT be said for the building that sits upon the land and its typically the rental income from this building that helps “LAND-lords” cash flow the holding of such assets. But unlike the indestructible nature of land, its not always plain sailing for us Land Lords – a leaking tap, fire damage or a burst water pipe can cause terrible damage to your property. It can also leave you out of pocket or without a tenant and therefore without rent, leading to unexpected holes in your budget. Protection for your investment property is a critical component […] 150
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