Australian Share Fund

Fund Update 30th September 2019

Manager: Calnan Flack

Model Portfolio Name: Australian Share Fund

Platform: Smartwrap

Investment Objective

With an “Opportunistic” investment style, the objective of the Australian Share Fund is to produce investors with a mix of income and capital growth over the long term for a portfolio of Australian Shares drawn predominately from the ASX300. Income may include some franking credits.


Despite continued market uncertainty due to issues such as the UK’s parliamentary BREXIT debacle and impeachment claims against President Trump the Calnan Flack Australian Shares Fund has continued to perform well.

The focus is to produce a long-term outperformance of the benchmark which the portfolio is continually achieving.

In line with the investment mandate higher levels of cash were held at times during the quarter when the Investment Team considered the market had an increased downside risk.

Particularly strong returns were derived from holdings in CSL (CSL) and Macquarie Group (MQG)

Although it has only recent been added to the portfolio JB-HiFi (JBH) also performed strongly on the back of an increased profit report.

Lend Lease (LLC) also provided significant gains to the portfolio upon rumours that it is a takeover target. The global construction giant according to continual speculation is allegedly in the cross hairs of Japanese suitor Mitsui although no formal offer has yet been tabled.

The Investment Team continues to hold a bullish view for Equity markets with the expectation that the portfolio will continue to hold higher weights of growth styled assets for the near future.

Percentage Returns 


Holdings – Australian Share Fund


Portfolio Holdings by Sectors

Australian Share Fund Review pdf


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