As many of you know, Ian has had plenty of experience managing players and AFL lists come the draft period. Retirements, delistings, trades and rookie recruits. It’s a nerve-racking and exciting time as teams posture and negotiate, doing their best to sign the players they want.

We feel like Calnan Flack have just hit the Trade Jackpot! Having recently signed our newest Financial Advisor Andrew McKeen to Team Calnan Flack, Brisbane.

We did hint at this in our Blog FIVE YEARS ON AND GROWING and it’s our expectation that Andrew will not be the only addition to our team in 2019!

Andrew comes from a different background than most in the industry – it’s one of the strengths of Calnan Flack, we have a diverse team all who bring different but complementary skill sets to the table.

Andrew recently worked at an Executive Level at the Australian Tax Office (compliance and technical support) and observed first-hand how the wealthy structure their affairs and protect their wealth.

This has given him a unique understanding of how to structure financial plans from both a taxation and asset protection perspective.

Having always been interested and active in his investment portfolio, Andrew felt that there a missing element. What he identified as the last and most important missing strategy was the layer of ‘market timing’ and it was this research led him to Phil Anderson and Calnan Flack and our practical approach to investing

Andrew Mckeen


0419 786 495


Andrew was one of the early members of the Calnan Flack Investment Club and attended our Economic Forecasting Conferences. He was so impressed that he decided he wanted to be part of the Calnan Flack team.

You will find his extensive practical experience and warm personality makes Andrew the perfect mentor for clients wanting a long term relationship with an Adviser who will assist and guide them to reach their financial goals.

So please join us in welcoming Andrew McKeen who will be heading up the new Calnan Flack Brisbane team. For those of you in Brisbane, feel free to drop Andrew call as he’d love to sit down and have a coffee and and meet you. You can also look forward to more events in Brisbane.

Andrew will be hosting the following events in Brisbane over the coming months.

TAKING CHARGE OF YOUR WEALTH is our event to introduce you to Wealth Cycle Investing. This event will provide you with the background to the Calnan Flack Economic Cycle Action Plan giving you the tools and confidence to make more successful investment decisions.

Once you understand the Wealth Cycle, it will change your investment outlook forever.

The WEALTH WORKSHOP – PROFITING FROM THE WEALTH CYCLE builds on the knowledge you have gained from Taking Charge of your Wealth. It provides a more in-depth look and explanation as to the application of Wealth Cycle Investing.

Please register your interest below and we will notify you of event details as soon as they become available.

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