Calnan Flack offers a solution for Investors who have an SMSF as well as Investors in Industry or Retail Superannuation Funds.

We will regularly monitor your superannuation savings providing continuing investment advice as to the appropriateness of your asset allocation. This will take into account not only your risk tolerance, goals and objectives, but also provide asset allocation advice within the framework of our expert understanding of the investment credit and business cycles. It is this appreciation and understanding of the investment, credit and business cycles that sets Calnan Flack apart from traditional financial and investment advice companies.

Calnan Flack provides genuine dynamic asset allocation advice for investors.

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A Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) allows you, as the Trustee, to take control of your retirement funds. This control enables trustees to have greater involvement and flexibility in both the management of the fund and investment decisions. You can invest directly in your own chosen combination of investments, such as shares, property, fixed interest investments, managed funds and cash.

With this control comes an increased level of responsibility, so while all self-managed funds feature direct investment discretion, you can choose the extent of administration support, investment reporting and compliance support services you outsource to help fulfil your responsibilities.

Calnan Flack offer strategic and timely investment and asset allocation advice to assist clients to maximise returns and achieve their retirement goals.