Changing Sub-Terra Firma

CHANGING SUB-TERRA FIRMA Each Cycle is Same Same, but Different. Each Cycle brings new opportunities due to investor memory, legislative and social changes as well as changes to investment classes. Much has been spoken about Sydney’s BOOMING property prices. The median cost of a home in the nation’s economic capital is just shy of a Million BUCKS! An extraordinary amount. The cost of A Grade office space has now surpassed $1,000 per m2… So, is it any surprise to see the Cantillon Effect in action? Absolutely not! History warns us that this is EXACTLY what we should expect. As we know each new cycle brings about a new twist. New Opportunities, unique to the cycle in question. The Cantillon Effect tells us that as the cost of land increases, humans will become increasingly inventive in their quest to extract […] 150
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Geniuses Wipe Out Investment Funds

GENIUSES WIPE OUT INVESTMENT FUNDS One of my very first trades was a classic buy high and sell lower scenario. It was one of those defining moments that is forever etched into my memory and the lessons learned remain strong. Back when I was starting out investing (read gambling there), I decided to buy a small mining stock Helix (HLX) on the basis of, well Greg the computer guy – he gave me the inside word. Yes, I thought I was a genius and was going to make a bucket of bills – ten-fold my money was the plan! But you no doubt already know the end to this story and the subsequent lessons learned. As you can appreciate, I took a beating the day I sold, both emotionally and financially, despite it being a small loss in the […] 150