Mafia – The Superheroes of lemon growers & the boom-bust cycle

MAFIA – THE SUPERHEROES OF LEMON GROWERS & THE BOOM-BUST CYCLE Lemons. Great for a sore throat and funniest home videos, especially the reaction when you give a lemon to a toddler to try. But would you believe they are responsible for the growth and early success of the Italian mafia? Back in the mid-1700s, seafaring folk were dropping like flies. If it wasn’t the rum, a wretched disease known as Scurvy got ‘em. The symptoms of Scurvy include weakness, feeling tired and aching all over. As the condition worsens, it can lead to personality changes, and finally death from infection or bleeding. Pretty horrid stuff. But life changed forever for many a sailor when a Scottish doctor by the name of James Lind found that Vitamin C rich fruits, like lemons, significantly helped sailors […] 150
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Depreciation 2

DEPRECIATION PART 2 For property investors depreciation is a vital contributor to tax deductions and an integral part of the income and capital gain equation. Professional investors use this to their advantage but many mum and dad investors are ignorant of these highly lucrative tax rules. In this Series we will explain exactly what depreciation is and how savvy investors use it to their benefit. Part 1 – Explains the key components of depreciation and the different types. Part 2 – Demonstrates how depreciation deductions can dramatically improve your cashflow allowing you to build bigger, more profitable property investment portfolios. In further instalments of this Depreciation series, will work through cash flow examples, clarify misconceptions in the media and even observe some different political opinions on the subject! All this and more, in the Depreciation Series. 150

Investor Memory

INVESTOR MEMORY I read an interesting article recently about Volkswagen. Did you know that this German brand is ahead of all other non-luxury brands in relation to customer retention rates? According to a recent Roy Morgan Automotive Currency Report, 61.5 per cent of Volkswagen owners said their next car purchase would again be a Volkswagen. This is surprising especially when compared with the way “Real Ozzies” have ditched our iconic Holdens! Remember those ads “Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars!” Clearly times have changed in many ways however this commercial shows how entrenched the Holden was in Australia culture. How is it that a European car company, that lied to us over the Dieselgate emissions scandal in September 2015, has retained this brand loyalty? Now don’t think that I’m trying to start some sort of Australian v European trade war here – as a family we actually own […] 150
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