Walk and Learn

WALK AND LEARN Walking is a wonderful way get some exercise, see some sights and learn about history while continually observing how our Five Drivers manifest into both our economy and land prices. Ian and I set off to conquer 25km of the Clare Valley Riesling Trail, while my mum, Michele, and her very good friend Viv, walked from Henley Beach to Adelaide City along the Linear Park bike track. We were walking as part of our 50Fifty Challenge. THE RIESLING TRAIL The Riesling Trail started life as a railway line between the postcard towns of Riverton & Clare in the beautiful Clare Valley north of Adelaide. Originally it was the discovery of Copper at Burra that saved South Australia from potential bankruptcy in 1845 with Clare providing […] 150
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Five Years On and Growing!

FIVE YEARS ON AND GROWING! Calnan Flack turned 5 last week – YEAH! Alas it passed without much fuss or fanfare – not even a candle on a cake! Neither Ian nor myself are much for such celebrations, more focused on what’s happening next. But we did pause to take stock of our growth and achievements over the last few years. Calnan Flack has grown, from its infancy as a meticulously detailed vision into what it is today; a multi-faceted client centric Financial Education and Advice company. With complete Education, Investment, Strategy, Mortgage and Property solutions all built upon an ethical, cycle focussed culture. But it’s our people that we are most proud of and what really sets us apart. The people who CHOOSE to work with us – Team Calnan Flack is how we internally refer to everyone. The depth and […] 150
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You make money AFTER you buy property

YOU MAKE MONEY AFTER YOU BUY PROPERTY  I really enjoy writing these Calnan Flack Blogs and both the feedback and what I learn myself never ceases to amaze me. I had one of those “Ah” moments in response to Ian’s Monopoly Walk when an Investment Club Member James pointed out the obvious to me. See the best place to hide something from someone is right under their nose, in plain sight, but where no one ever sees. According to Wikipedia Knight Frank has “370 offices in 55 countries and more than 12,000 employees handle in excess of US$817 billion (£498 billion) worth of commercial, agricultural and residential real estate annually.” It’s a massive commercial enterprise. Their logo is well recognised, and they have exceptionally strong brand recognition throughout the world. But have you ever “looked” at the logo? Really […] 150
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Trains, Planes & Flying Cars

TRAINS, PLANES & FLYING CARS We often talk about how advancements in technology lead to increased productivity which of course must manifest back into the land price. Humans are wired to direct their energy and labour to the most productive purpose continually striving to create or obtain more by doing less. Currently we are seeing the initial growth in the autonomous transportations sector. For many this just seems too far fetched. They just can’t see the possibilities. Many science fiction films from the 1950s depicted humans fancifully sending rockets to the moon, something that took until the 1969 Apollo 11 mission to achieve. The rapid growth in the autonomous transportation sector will profoundly impact human productivity much sooner than we expect. Rio Tinto is a step closer to automating its 1700 Kilometre Pilbara train fleet after they recently overcame another hurdle being granted a […] 150
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