August 2018 Property Market Update

AUGUST 2018 PROPERTY MARKET UPDATE In this month’s market update, Omar Moujalli from Examine Property outlines where each Capital City is in the 18 Year Cycle and how they are currently performing in terms of capital growth and rental return. Omar also looks at vacancy rates around the nation and which city is showing danger signs in terms of supply of rental properties. There are also signs that one Capital City which was a stellar performer last decade is nearing the bottom of its cycle and could be on the improve in the near future. THIS BLOG WAS PREPARED FOR THE CALNAN FLACK PROPERTY CLUB If you with to join the Property Club and receive notifications about blogs such as this one and […] 150
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The World is a Changing!

THE WORLD IS A CHANGING! Embrace it or be left behind. The emerging technology we are seeing is quite mind blowing – it’s hard to comprehend just how quickly the world is moving. I was watching a show the other day and it was talking about how the guidance computer from the Apollo 11 trip to the moon had a mega 16kb of computing grunt. A decade later ANYONE could pay $499 and get themselves a Commodore 64, the ultimate 1982 home computer – with 4 TIMES the computing power. This lack of computing power probably explains why Neil and Buzz never played a game of Pong while in space. Can you believe that it took this long to just load the game of Pong?! Click below as I’m sure it will bring back some memories… Now we are on […] 150
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What Happens to Tall Buildings?

WHAT HAPPENS TO TALL BUILDINGS? As technology improves we become more and more productive. Which in turn means that each square metre of land becomes more and more valuable. Given that we have the propensity to ensure that land is used for the most productive purpose, by definition our cities must become more and more dense as we continually build higher and higher. Land will seek to be used for the highest productive value. As land becomes more scarce (and hence more expensive) it pays to amortise this cost by building higher and higher. That is the more floor space you build up, the less the amortised cost of the land becomes. Technology, zoning (government legislation) creative thinking, and available cash will determine how high we reach to the sky. But to build persistently skyward, […] 150
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Ian & Jenny Flack’s London Monopoly Walk for the Fifty 50 Challenge

IAN & JENNY FLACK’S LONDON MONOPOLY WALK FOR THE FIFTY 50 CHALLENGE The game of Monopoly has bonded (and fractured) many family holidays. There are so many economic lessons to be learned from this game, lessons that its inventor Elizabeth Maggie was wanting to convey, but the world as a whole now just seem to totally miss. Jeremy has written before about the interesting origins of the game. Click here to read about this. There are 40 spaces that surround the perimeter of the Monopoly board and myself and my wife Jenny recently physically walked the real board in London; the whole 28 km stopping at all 28 properties; that’s 22 streets, 4 railroads, 2 utilities and a goal, all in their various colors. Thanks to Jenny for the pictures. To learn more about the Fifty50 […] 150
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