Our Audited Track Record

OUR AUDITED TRACK RECORD The end of the Financial Year is a natural time to review the Calnan Flack Australian Share Fund. So how did we perform? Well we are pleased to inform a return of 18.64%pa*. This follows the 17.24% return for the first year of the fund from inception. See our blog 17.24% Return for the last 12 Months  We smashed our benchmarks, the Morningstar Multi-Sector Growth Market Index and the All Ords Accumulation Index – so we are very pleased with the funds performance! We do need to be VERY careful about placing too much emphasis on short-term returns, in fact ASIC reminds us that “past performance is no guarantee of future performance” however, we think it’s still important that […] 150
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The Thing About Trump!

THE THING ABOUT TRUMP! I was surprised by the reaction to my blog “The Locational Value of North Korea” sparked. I wasn’t making any political statements or endorsing the actions of those investors that have chosen to purchase a new beautiful off the plan Trump apartments in North Korea’s pretty seaside location of Wonsan…… The point of the blog was not to say the Trump’s vision was correct or fair or that Dennis Rodman is the real economic brains behind North Korea – but to make the point as to how Donald see the world. How he thinks. It’s different you know. He might be the president of the USA. He might be the “Most Powerful Man in the World” – or 2nd most, if he really does work for the Kremlin?! However, regardless of his position, title or how […] 150
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Why Understanding Valuations are key to Property Investing!

WHY UNDERSTANDING VALUATIONS ARE KEY TO PROPERTY INVESTING! What is a Property Valuation? A property valuation is an estimate of the market value of a property on a specific date and is based on what the property would likely sell for under normal circumstances in an open and competitive real estate market. The valuation conditions assume both the buyer and seller are not under any pressure and have accurate knowledge of the property being bought or sold. Getting a property valuation may seem like yet another expense but is a necessity for a successful real estate transaction and can benefit both the vendor and purchaser. A property valuation is generally conducted on request by a property owner or a prospective buyer. A valuation can also be requested by a lending institution such as a bank, who is looking to fund the purchase of a property. 150
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What Happened to Negative Gearing?

WHAT HAPPENED TO NEGATIVE GEARING? I’m sure you’ve heard the news that Trumpy and the Rocket Man are now besties. The media has been stuffed full of their historic meeting that took place in Singapore, where together they tucked into their prawn cocktails and mango kerabu served with fresh octopus and a honey and lime dressing …. Oh, the highlife some get to live! And yet just a few weeks before that we were fixated on the Royal Wedding – which has been all but forgotten. The news cycle is lightning fast these days. So, it’s easy to forget that not long ago, Treasurer Scott Morrison (on behalf of the Turnbull Government) presented to the House of Representatives, the 2018 May Budget. Do you even remember what was announced Budget night? I’m sorry to challenge your long-term memory, but I’m hoping that […] 150
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