The Locational Value of North Korea

THE LOCATIONAL VALUE OF NORTH KOREA If you have ANY doubts whether the real-estate cycle will continue then watch the clip below. Its taken from a press conference given by Donald Trump after his historic 2018 Summit with North Korea leader Kim Jong-un Listen carefully to what Trump says. Whilst the drivers remain embedded into our economic DNA, the cycle MUST find a way to manifest into a BOOM BUST cycle. Every cycle will be different, but the same. Trump on the Locational Value of North Korea: This clip shows how Trump is a real-estate developer at heart. This is how he sees the world and we think his actions will drive this cycle to be the BIGGEST we have ever seen! GET ON BOARD! “They have great beaches. You see that whenever they’re exploding their cannons into the ocean, right. […] 150
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Fifty50 Challenge

FIFTY50 CHALLENGE There are several guaranteed ways to wealth that I can think of: Choose your parents wisely Choose your partners carefully Choose your country shrewdly As Australians, it’s this last point that we have all got right. We talk endlessly about the 5 underlying drivers of our economy and while those 5 drivers remain embedded into the underlying DNA of our economy, they must manifest into a Boom Bust cycle. Understanding these drivers provides us with an enormous competitive advantage in the investment decisions we make. The quality of these drivers ensures the productive nature of our economy continues to advance at a rapid rate. We take our superior infrastructure for granted. Our quality network of roads, water, communication and electricity and our education system is supported by pre-schools, schools, universities and other learning institutes. Although many […] 150
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What does Landlords Insurance cover?

WHAT DOES LANDLORDS INSURANCE COVER? The great thing about being a “LAND-lord” is that, well you own the LAND! And land has some very special properties (pardon the pun)  like the fact that it is indestructible! However, the same can NOT be said for the building that sits upon the land and its typically the rental income from this building that helps “LAND-lords” cash flow the holding of such assets. But unlike the indestructible nature of land, its not always plain sailing for us Land Lords – a leaking tap, fire damage or a burst water pipe can cause terrible damage to your property. It can also leave you out of pocket or without a tenant and therefore without rent, leading to unexpected holes in your budget. Protection for your investment property is a critical component […] 150
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Growing Up

GROWING UP I loved the long summer school break as a kid. Spending days at the beach and riding about with my mates. Occasionally we went away for a week or two as a family, but those summer holidays were long and ensured that there was plenty of time to spend with mates. Winter is here and although the cold has set in, as a family we’ve been discussing what to do over the upcoming June break. The family is split – skiing in the snow or chase the golden sun? My two boys, Judd and Rhett are very similar in many ways but also so different. One for the snow. One for the sun. Although there is only 17 months between them, physically they look decades apart! Juddy (14 yrs old) looks almost a man standing 186 cm,  yet “Little Rhettsy” barely […] 150
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