The Dubai Miracle

THE DUBAI MIRACLE You can hear the Land Barons screaming it out now – LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION At Calnan Flack we completely agree, however we go further by describing why location is so important and how it explains the last 200 years of Economic Boom Bust cycles. Our 5 Key drivers are crucial in any economic or real estate expansion. These drivers explain the how, when and where of any economic, real estate or credit expansion (and contraction!) SO, sit back and watch this excellent time lapsed YouTube video by Knight Frank titled “Dubai Evolution from 1960 to 2021”. And ask yourself how the 5 Drivers are impacting and influencing the Dubai Miracle. THIS BLOG WAS PREPARED FOR THE PROPERTY CLUB If you with to join the Property Club and receive notifications […] 150

Budget 2018 – Impact on the Property Market

BUDGET 2018 – IMPACT ON THE PROPERTY MARKET Waking this morning to the news of the budget gave me a laugh. I opened an email from The Real Estate Institute of Australia with a link to their press release titled “Budget benign for housing: REIA”. You can read it for yourself here: Media Release but the first line says it all “The 2018 Budget had no measures that specifically address housing supply and affordability, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA)”. However, as students of The 18 Year Real Estate and Economic Cycle we see this budget differently. A whopping $75 Billion! YES, you heard it correctly, $75 Billion of transport infrastructure. This will drive economic activity and will be captured in the one place – land values. It will create jobs to build the infrastructure and will […] 150
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17.24% Return for the last 12 Months

17.24% RETURN FOR THE LAST 12 MONTHS I was pumped! The blue ink from my favourite pen permanently marked the page with my messy signature. It was done. Signed! Sealed! The deal completed and all that was left to do was deliver the contract and the first of the Calnan Flack Model Share Portfolios would be live! Calnan Flack had joined the big game as Money Managers. Ian and I had been planning these portfolios for a long time. We meticulously plan everything, and we had put an enormous amount of planning into these portfolios. Investing is 90% preparation. I guess that’s why they call it “Financial PLANNING”. Fast forward 12 months… We gain the opportunity to critically review our public record. It’s something that we wanted to be able to do for a long time but until now ASIC has not allowed us. […] 150
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