The History of the Future

THE HISTORY OF THE FUTURE The History of the Future – sounds like some sort of oxymoron doesn’t it? Bit like the title to my favourite movie “Back to the Future”. We say that the Cycle must repeat over and over again while the 5 Drivers of the Economy remain in place. We also know that these drivers have been in place for hundreds if not thousands of years. These Economic drivers are built into the DNA of our economic system. The role of the speculator can NOT be understated. However, the speculators go back much further than 1980’s Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko or even Jessie Livermore from the 1930’s or JP Morgan who saved Wall Street back in 1907…… No, let’s go back to Mesopotamia 1750BC and the sixth king of Babylon – Hammurabi. […] 150

A Giant Step in Lunar Tourism

A GIANT STEP IN LUNAR TOURISM When you think about it, we’ve sent some weird stuff into space. Dogs, chimpanzees, cheese wheels, robots and even astronauts. But earlier this month serial entrepreneur and media tart Elon Musk, sent one of his beloved Tesla Roadsters into space! It’s OK, it was being driven by a mannequin called Starman and I’m sure he had his space license? See Musk was out to make a point – that his company’s SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy was safe and had a bigger payload than a Toyota Hilux. Since its inception in 2002, Musk’s SpaceX program has blazed a path of unheralded success, leaving in its wake a trail of historic events, the latest of which demonstrated his ownership of the most powerful operating rockets on the planet. And what’s the final goal again? “To enable people to live on other […] 150
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