End of the Horse

END OF THE HORSE In 1900 it was completely inconceivable as to how the automobile would change society. Who could have predicted the speed at which we moved from the horse and cart to the car? The picture below is Fifth Avenue in New York City in 1900. It’s a photo of elegant buildings, a crowded sidewalk and an orderly street awash with Horse and Carts. This was how life was. Everything that moved in and out of a city C1900 did so by foot or by horse and cart. People, food, waste, books, clothes, pots, pans and anything else required to make a city function. When you think about it in these terms it makes you realise the profound impact that the four-wheeled revolution had. This radical contraption completely revolutionised not only how you lived in a city, but the whole context of how it […] 150
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A Modern Twist on the Cantillon Effect

A MODERN TWIST ON THE CANTILLON EFFECT “Same, Same, but different”.  That’s how we often describe the cycle. You see if the cycle repeated exactly the same every time, it would be easy for everyone to see it. The markets just cannot allow this to happen. The market must do whatever it can to fool most of the people, most of the time. New legislation and different political agenda’s. Innovative financial products and solutions along with fresh social and moral standards. The latest world and geopolitical tensions and of course investor memory and the herd mentality ensure this cycle can NOT mirror the last precisely. It’s the drivers that are important though – our all-important Five Underlying Drivers.  If the drivers are in place, then the cycle will find a way to manifest. The Cantillon Effect is understood by Architects and Developers, but somehow, […] 150