Premierships are Won in October!

Australians love our sport and its Grand Final Weekend! Crows v Tigers               Storm -v- Cowboys What a weekend! But for these teams, their fate of playing in the Grand Final stems from ACTIONS taken LAST OCTOBER…… Ian Flack knows elite sport – he worked in the AFL system for over 25 years. Recruiting, administration and high-performance coaching with clubs like Collingwood and Melbourne. It’s a brutal environment. There are enormous cross overs between Elite Sport and Investing. The need to focus, be resilient and well prepared. The ability to perform under pressure and understand and control your own personal psychology. When working in AFL, one of Ian’s core mantras was “Premierships are won in October”. Sounds kinda crazy when you think about all the hype and excitement that is going on now? The “momentum” that teams bring into the finals, injuries and the 150
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Why Brisbane? – Northshore Hamilton

WHY BRISBANE? – NORTHSHORE HAMILTON Welcome to the second in our WHY BRISBANE series of blogs. NORTHSHORE HAMILTON This $5 billion project will ensure the Northshore area becomes an icon of the Brisbane landscape. Comprising over 304ha, this development is the largest waterfront urban renewal project in Queensland and will help transform Northshore’s primary industrial area, just six kilometres from the CBD, into a vibrant riverside precinct. New occupants, both residential and business are lining up to take advantage of the 2.5 kilometres of riverside views, lifestyle opportunities and open space on offer as the project takes shape over the next 20 years. If you are interested in learning more about Brisbane first hand, then come and join us on our Brisbane Property Tour. Mark Williams Register your interest for upcoming Brisbane Property Tours Examine Property are property experts […] 150

Why Brisbane? – Queen’s Wharf

WHY BRISBANE? – QUEEN’S WHARF Welcome to the first in our WHY BRISBANE series of blogs. As property experts specialising in locating the best properties for Calnan Flack Investors we are excited to showcase Brisbane in our series of  WHY BRISBANE blogs. Although we are based in Sydney and Melbourne, our focus is to source the best possible investment opportunities to investors. Sydney and Melbourne offer good investment opportunities, however, we currently believe Brisbane is unparalleled in its investment offering underpinned by the Property Drivers taught by Calnan Flack. We will articulate the opportunity in Brisbane in this series of blogs however if you truly want to learn and understand exactly why Brisbane then there is no better way to learn than to come and touch and experience Brisbane. We would love you to join us on our Brisbane Property Tour. For […] 150

Sky’s the limit!

SKY’S THE LIMIT! Pack your thongs and grab your sunnies as you are invited to join us in Sunny Brisbane! I love Brissy, the weather is just something special and it just has a certain vibe to it. However, as great as those facts are, they just aren’t what inspires so many investors to join the long queues of those wanting to invest there. It’s the Infrastructure Man! Don’t you get it? Our investment philosophy is based around the long-term economic cycle drivers. Centred on David Ricardo’s 200 year old theory of Economic Rent – we can explain just exactly how this cycle will evolve. Whilst our drivers are in place, the cycle MUST perpetuate. And in place they are! We are currently seeing the cycle unfold in front of us, providing astute investors with enormous investment opportunity. And the news is all […] 150

On a Winged Keel and a Prayer

ON A WINGED KEEL AND A PRAYER The team at Calnan Flack are always on the lookout for indications of where we are in the cycle and what opportunities arise. Investor Mentor Cathy Stacey wrote this blog following her recent trip to New Zealand. ‘On a Winged Keel and a Prayer’ I have just returned from 10 days in New Zealand with family. It was a joining of my husband Nic’s Greek family and my Kiwi family and we all had a wonderful time together. Of course while I was in Auckland and Hawkes Bay (North Island) I was on the lookout to see if there were any signs of ‘The Cycle’. Well they are everywhere! Especially construction and when I dug a bit deeper the signs of the Cantillon effect were shining bright! Phil […] 150
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It’s One for the Money

IT’S ONE FOR THE MONEY For every Boom there is a Crash. History tells us that the higher prices fly, the greater the crash will be. Its inevitable, isn’t it? The more emotional investing becomes the more irrational the pricing. There is an old saying that when “Taxi drivers start recommending stocks it is time to sell” Welcome the new world of Cryptocurrencies, with BitCoin the biggest and boldest of them all. Bitcoin invented by an unknow person or persons, calling themselves Satoshi Nakamoto, is an open-source currency and digital payment system. It is a Peer-to-Peer network with transactions taking place directly without an intermediary like a Bank, PayPal or Western Union. Transactions are recorded in a publicly distributed ledger called blockchain. According to Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research “People are sending Bitcoins to each other over the Bitcoin network all the […] 150
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The Future is Here. ……. It’s Just a Little Slow.

THE FUTURE IS HERE…IT’S JUST A LITTLE SLOW The future is upon us, its just starting out a little slow. But don’t be fooled or underestimate just exactly what is happening and what the undisputable outcome will be. It just may surprise us where these changes are popping up and the massive impact they will have. Recently I was in Darwin, my youngest making the SA State footy team and we stayed in an apartment on the beautiful Waterfront. A spectacular view and another classic example of how infrastructure & some congregation of population gives some land a locational advantage resulting in sky high apartment prices! It is staggering when you think about it – Waterfront land is abundant in Darwin. Its population a mere 110,000. Less than 230,000 in the entire NT. Yet a 3 bed apartment with water […] 150
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