That was then. This is now!

THAT WAS THEN. THIS IS NOW! Recently, I was shown the most stunning news article I’ve seen for a while – showing you exactly how to benefit from the cycle! You see the other day, Alice, a Calnan Flack Investment Club Member sent me a fantastic link to an article on news.com.au that I think you all should have a look at! Famed economist David Ricardo told us that as a society, when we become more productive and hence more profitable, land with locational advantages would become more and more desirable resulting in the price being bid up sky high. Back in his day, he was referencing fertile agricultural land against sterile barren lands. You just need to visualise rich green pastures with abundant warmth and water compared to land on a backdrop of a dry desert landscape or a […] 150
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But Can They Run on Time?

BUT CAN THEY RUN ON TIME? At Calnan Flack we talk a lot about the Wealth Creation opportunities that surround us if you learn to see the Economic and Credit Cycle in action. We talk about the Economic Drivers being Population, Technology, Infrastructure, Government Granted Licenses and of course the Credit creation process! Our Economic Cycle Action Plan provides the framework to understand the cycle and the action we need to take to leverage the opportunities it presents to grow your wealth. By studying history, we can further enhance our knowledge of how events impact society and asset prices. Yet few seem to look back into the future an learn from the past. Learning from history and its relevance to life today is not  reserved for tweed jacket wearing types who love to contemplate history through a well-worn book. Studying history gives […] 150
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‘I Read the News Today, Oh Boy?’

‘I READ THE NEWS TODAY, OH BOY?’ It was the Beatles who sang “I read the news today, oh boy” – so have you? CBA are all over it. Money laundering! Can you believe it? It’s hard to imagine after all the bad press they had re their financial planning and insurance division that things could get any worse? But now we hear that the CBA has facilitated the transfer of millions of dollars for a wide web of criminal syndicates. These foreign criminals and drug traffickers launder literally millions through Australias biggest and highly regulated bank – the Commonwealth Bank. AUSTRAC (the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre has alleged in excess of 50,000 contraventions since 2012 of Australias Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006. Interestingly enough, it is thought that the CBA’s rollout of its […] 150
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