If Video Killed the Radio Star then Technology Killed the TV Idol…

IF VIDEO KILLED THE RADIO STAR THEN TECHNOLOGY KILLED THE TV IDOL… In 1979 the Buggles released their first Album aptly called “The Age of Plastic” which contained the cult hit song “Video Killed the Radio Star”. This song was a futuristic look back at an industry that was on the brink of collapse. You see Buggles, for all their zaniness, could correctly foresee the future long before most had woken up to the impact that technology was having in both their industry and society as a whole. Within 2 short years MTV hit our households and profoundly changed the music industry and society – just as the Buggles had foreseen. Those astute enough to see the changes were able to gain great benefit. Those who fought it lost. And those mothers who needed a social issue to worry about got what they were looking for, arguing and agonizing about 150

Long Live the Boom

LONG LIVE THE BOOM Do you remember when former President Barack Obama passed landmark banking laws in response to the catastrophic 2008 Global Financial Crash? The GFC decimated investment markets and cruelly destroyed millions of Americans dreams of home ownership and employment. So, Washington responded to ensure that this would never happen again.  Laws were passed to guarantee that America, that the world, would NEVER, EVER again face such a financial calamity, When Lehman Brothers went bust, it was a close call – it was the day that capitalism and our banking system nearly systemically failed. However, the developed western world breathed a collective sigh of relief, when finally, our elected representatives had our wayward capitalist system back under control. The legislatures had done their job and legislated the capitalist genie back into the bottle.   But that was then and this is now….. It is often said that “Time 150