The 11 Year Old Drivers of Productivity

THE 11 YEAR OLD DRIVERS OF PRODUCTIVITY The world is a changing place – and those who don’t adapt will fall behind. We often talk about the resistance from the Luddites – unable and unwilling to adapt to the changing technology that revolutionised the cotton and woollen mills from 1811-1816. Eventually the Luddites battle proved fruitless and as always technology won the battle AND the WAR – revolutionising the productivity of the industry. It is no different today. The old guard -v- the new upstarts. UBER v the Taxi Industry. Airbnb v The Hotel Industry. If you look at the Economic Timetable, it explains why at the bottom of every cycle we can confidently say “Young people move to positions of prominence” They must; as the Crash wipes out the old inefficient businesses and it is the new thinking and more adaptive productive business solutions that creates the profitability that drives the new cycle. And yet still 150
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The Quackery of Economists!

THE QUACKERY OF ECONOMISTS!   There is an old saying “..if you lined up all the economists in the world you would have enough to reach the moon and back but not enough to reach a conclusion!” It astounds me how, as a profession, economists have such a woeful history of performance! I can think of no other industry that is so consistently wrong, yet is able to make excuses and explanations in hindsight that the public not only accept but continue to hold them in a position of prestige? Imagine if the same low standards were applied to Civil Engineers? Oh another bridge fell down!, well that’s Ok, we didn’t account for the overall span of the bridge. Or in Medicine? Woops we misdiagnosed your illness as we neglected to consider the need to take bloods… Yet economists use phrases like “Black Swan event” or “Too Big to Fail” to 150
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World Monopoly Day

WORLD MONOPOLY DAY Its World Monopoly Day tomorrow! A day for all you capitalist winners to celebrate your financial conquests all over the world. To gloat about how you outwitted, out smarted and darn right just stole your entitlements all the way to your Red Hotel on Mayfair! And just like Elizabeth Maggie, the creator of the original “The Landlords Game” created to promote the views of economic philosopher Henry George upon which Monopoly is based, the thimble will be removed from the game of Monopoly. Will the thimble suffer the same fate as the Elizabeth, banished to the bottom row of history, eventually archived, forgotten, then tossed out with the rubbish? History only remembers the winners – Sorry Elizabeth Maggie, but history remembers Charles Darrow as the inventor of the game of Monopoly. So alas tomorrow like the winner Charles Darrow, we will know which tokens will be remembered. 150
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TRUMPONOMICS Move over David Ricardo there’s a new Economic Wiz on the block. No room for you J M Keynes or for you Adam Smith? Donald Trump is the new economic saviour to the US. Like him? Love him? Oh sorry, you’re not so impressed with him? – well mark my words, Donald Trump and his unique Trumponomics will be remembered by history as the President with the Midas Touch! Now please do not misunderstand me, Trump will be remembered for his unique style of Trumponomics, the President who “saved” the US economy and made America Great Again. I’m not […] 150
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$20,000 Bonus to live in the country

$20,000 BONUS TO LIVE IN THE COUNTRY Did you see the Victorian government increased its first homeowners grant to $20K for regional buyers? Interesting! They also released over the weekend a waving of stamp duty for first home owners for properties under $600K which fazes out between $600-$750K. However as in the past, developers will just lift prices due to the extra demand. With the government telegraphing the changes, its very likely you will see developers lift the prices straight away for new properties. As always the price rises will be greater than the value of the grants, this always happens. This is simply because buyers now have an extra $20k which the banks will allow them to leverage against – that is if a 20% deposit is required, first home buyers can borrow another $80k + $20k, their new deposit, giving them in simple terms another $100,000 to spend. 150
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