Out of Reach?

OUT OF REACH? Its farcical really. The Australian Treasurer travelling to the UK to find solutions to housing affordability. I think this gesture in itself shows just how earnest politicians are at actually finding a solution to this age old problem. However, first you need to understand a little about the UK housing market: According to data provided by the UK Land Registry Office http://landregistry.data.gov.uk/ the Average Property Prices for the United Kingdom reached the lofty highs of $190,032 in September 2007. It then fell nearly 20% to $154,452 in March 2009. Remember the riots? Remember the protests? Remember the end of the world? Yep just about everyone else had forgotten too, but that’s what we are here to do, remind you of the future! Since these cataclysmic economic lows from which there was no way out, average property prices in the UK have risen to NEW ALL TIME HIGHS 150
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