Supply – the Issue in Housing Affordability: PM

SUPPLY – THE ISSUE IN HOUSING AFFORDABILITY: PM Sky business has just reported that the Australian Prime Minister, Mr Malcolm Turnbull is adamant building more dwellings is the secret to curbing property prices. In an interview with Neil Mitchell on 3AW Radio today, Mr Turnbull said “There is a tendency for people, particularly on the left, to overlook the fundamental reality that the reason housing affordability has deteriorated is simply because demand has consistently been exceeding supply” Mr Turnbull, like the MAJORITY of economist, investors, financial journalists and the general public as a whole, continue to proport these half true motherhood’s. And by doing so Mr Turnbull and his entourage of economic believers continues to ensure that the MAJORITY of people remain subscribed to populist thinking that inevitably dooms them to making EXACTLY the same investment mistakes that are always made. Sure supply will have “some” impact – but as we continue 150
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World Markets lead the way for Aussie Stocks to Soar


It’s Australia Day – a time to eat lamb and be proud. A time to wear something outrageous and spend the day at the beach or by a pool with family and friends. Well at least that’s my Australia Day.

But is will be hard for me not to be thinking about the markets. I love the markets. I think of them as a multi-dimensional rubix cube in my head. I’m forever thinking of and discussing the possibilities, the probabilities of the differing events or drivers and the conceivable outcomes.

But currently whichever way I slice or dice the Australian Share and Property Markets I can only see BIG OPPORTUNITY!


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