The Markets Have Spoken!

THE MARKETS HAVE SPOKEN! Now I know that some of you will think that I’m just making this up – but of course I am not. Further, I can hand on heart promise you that I did NOT write the article featured on www.marketwatch.com, or have any input into it! I do have to express my thanks to one of our subscribers Andrew for alerting us to this! So bravo Andrew, great pick up. Ian and I love it when we receive articles from members and are always very appreciative. It shows you are all looking past the news headlines and interpreting the information within the context of the Calnan Flack Economic Action Plan that defines the expected action of the Cycle. So this article titled (by Market Watch and NOT me) is: “Stock benchmarks just did something they haven’t done in nearly 20 years”. Catch your attention? […] 150
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