Symmetry in the Market – Video Update

SYMMETRY IN THE MARKET – VIDEO UPDATE In keeping with the theme of granting Investment Club Members a sneak peek of what Forecasting Members receive as a follow-up to the Forecasting Conference below is a link to a video update sent to members on the 24th of April 2016 as a follow-up to our 2 previous “Symmetry in the Market” updates. If you would like to learn more about the Calnan Flack Forecasting Conference please click here Calnan Flack Forecasting Conference   To view the Symmetry in the Market – Video Update Symmetry in the Market Video Update 150
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Symmetry in the Market – Part 2

SYMMETRY IN THE MARKET – PART 2 Last blog we gave the Calnan Flack Investment Club members a sneak peak at one of our Forecasting Service Updates. We publish our forecasts for the year ahead  bi-annually each year, publicly nominating the exact days we expect the market to reverse and the accuracy of these forecasts speak for themselves. However, we also publish our Forecast Updates to demonstrate how you can use both the concepts and trading tools we teach to confirm the market action. On the 13th of April, we published an update titled “Symmetry in the Market – Part 2” that continued the themes of the first “Symmetry in the Market” update. It is repeated here. The Future Forecast dates have been covered to protect the Investment of Forecast Service Members. Symmetry in the Market – Part 2 A month ago I wrote the first part of this article Symmetry in the 150
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Symmetry in the Market – Part 1

SYMMETRY IN THE MARKET – PART 1 We are often asked about our Calnan Flack Forecasting Conference – Can you really accurately forecast markets? Is it really possible? Our answer is irrevocably YES! The problem is when most forecasts are made they are not made with repeatable logic or a process that can be duplicated. You see this is where we differ – and we show you how! Now I’m not trying to say or imply that this is easy or even perfect, but our public forecasting record is there for all to see. Our public record shows that using a repeatable process it can be done. Still unsure? Come to our Forecasting Conference and check us out! We will again be doing this on November 19th & 20th recording in Print and Audio the dates that we believe have the highest probability of seeing market reversals. But our Forecasting Conference 150
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88 Miles Per Hour

88 MILES PER HOUR   One of my all-time favourite movies without a doubt is the Back to the Future Trilogy’s. I can even remember when I first saw this move, for my older cousin’s birthday. I recall looking at the tickets on the fridge and wondering “Back to the Future”? What does that even mean? The look of Michael J Fox, AKA “Marty” McFly in his orange puffer vest, looking at his watch with that shocked expression on his face and fire coming out of the DeLorean’s tyres just had me! I love those movies now as much as I did when I was a kid…. However now when I watch them I do it while thinking of our 5 Essential Drivers – Infrastructure, Technology, Government Granted Licences, Population and Credit Cycles. Within these movies you can clearly see the effect that our 5 Essential Drivers have on society and 150
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