But Who Will Buy The Handbags?

BUT WHO WILL BUY THE HANDBAGS? In Texas EVERYTHING is bigger. But in the middle of the desert a Prada store sits solemnly silent – waiting for someone to buy a handbag If you ever wanted to see a blatant example of how the economic drivers impact society and the property market, you only need to visit Texas. Texas finally made it to the big time in 1901 when the Lucas No. 1 well spewed mud, gas and oil more than 100 feet into the air marking the start of the BIGGEST of oil booms. The Texas Oil BOOM! Everything is BIGER in Texas – known for its Massive BBQ Ribs, 10 gallon hats and where the law is enforced by “Rangers” clad in cowboy boots! But in the middle of the Chihuahuan desert lies an eerily silent sight. A monument to our hectic consumerism lifestyle. A perfectly kept, perfectly stocked Prada 150
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The Cycle MUST continue! How can we be SO sure?

THE CYCLE MUST CONTINUE! HOW CAN WE BE SO SURE? We are often asked by people “How can you be so sure that the Real Estate Cycle will continue”. Prices are so high! how on earth could they go any higher? We have an affordability crisis and debt levels are so high? And yet we so confidently answer “that while the 5 Essential Drivers are in place these MUST manifest back into higher real estate prices.” How these drivers will manifest this cycle we can’t yet quite say, but we DO know with confidence that the cycle MUST continue and property prices WILL go higher. So this week’s Federal Budget is most interesting from a cycle point of view. There were several measures of interest that caught my eye, especially some of the changes in the laws that govern your superannuation savings. The government tightened up some of the tax 150
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