“I Claim this Planet in the Name of Mars”

“I CLAIM THIS PLANET IN THE NAME OF MARS” These words were famously spoken by the cartoon character Marvin the Martian to Duck Dodgers, but could now be paraphrased by Etienne Schneider, Luxembourg’s Economic Minister to the World! You see the Great Space Race is ON! The Dash for minerals has started and its going sky high. The fast starters Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries now have some serious competition from this tiny European country as they all chase the rich polymetallic treasures that wiz about in space. Cobalt, Copper, Iron, Gold & Nickel are abundantly available as are other uncommon and unknown minerals for those daring enough to place a shovel into these celestial objects.  “the first trillionaire in the world is going to be the person who first mines asteroids” Neil deGrasse Tyson, US Astrophysicist But is not for the faint hearted – NASA’s Osiris […] 150
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IMPORTANT! – SMSF Trustees Take Note

IMPORTANT! – SMSF TRUSTEES TAKE NOTE Being a trustee of a SMSF comes with responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that your fund has a relevant and compliant Investment & Investment Strategy. THIS TOPIC IS SO IMPORTANT THAT WE HAVE PRODUCED A SHORT VIDEO THAT COMPLEMENTS THIS BLOG. TO VIEW THE VIDEO: CLICK HERE Benjamin Franklin once said “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” So simple, yet every day we see investors who plan to fail! Trustees of SMSF’s are mandated by law to plan. The Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 or SIS Act, require trustees to develop, implement and regularly review their Investment Strategy. Yet we see many funds that have at best outdated or irrelevant strategies and some don’t have one at all. The SIS Act very clearly sets out that any such strategy must be appropriate for the circumstances of […] 150
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T+2 is Finally Here!

T + 2 IS FINALLY HERE! Yes T+2 has finally arrived! What I hear you say – Aren’t you a little late? Wasn’t T2 on offer way back in 1999? No I’m not talking about the “darling” of the market Telstra, but rather the decision by the ASX to reduce the time from Trade to Settlement from T+3 by 1 day to T+2. We are hardly at the cutting edge of world business practices here with many countries adopting T+2 Settlement in October 2014 – Hong Kong and Europe included but this improvement will bring us in line with industry standards. In fact the Chicago Mercantile Exchange decided last year to end the 167 year Dynasty! Closing its open outcry trading system in favour of a fully computerised alternative. The frenetic clips that are always played on the news on high volatility days of wild traders in their funny coloured coats yelling 150
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