Charles Darwin’s Theory on Cabs

CHARLES DARWIN’S THEORY ON CABS Technology has the ability to make us all more productive – that is the whole idea of it. No matter how primitive the technological improvements are, we want to do more with less effort. The productive gains of a caveman with fire and the wheel far outweighs those without. And the real kicker is Productivity = Profitability This is one of the golden keys to understanding how our economy actually works The more productive you are, the more profitable you can be. The more profitable you are the more you or an asset is worth because in our economic world assets are priced on the future capitalisation of profit! But with all technological and productive advancements there are always loses. Those who fail to adapt will fall victim to brutal side of Darwinian Theory. History is scatter with the corpses of those who failed to 150
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EXPECTATIONS One of the key challenges to successful investing is managing and dealing with the emotions of our expected returns. We all have this unrealistic expectation that we will learn to forecast and trade the market and then never make another loss. The Holy Grail of investing. Perfection in our investment decisions. But this is the real world and the markets have a very frustrating way of sometimes making us look like fools. Worse than that, at times it can take our money! Sorry folks – that’s investing! We make no guarantees that we or anyone else will not invest without at times getting it wrong. The key is that it doesn’t stop us from approaching the markets with a game plan. We know that the Calnan Flack Economic Cycle Action Plan will guide us through the cycle. It tells us what to expect and what action to take. The 150
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How Much for a Coffee in the Playboy Mansion?

HOW MUCH FOR A COFFEE IN THE PLAYBOY MANSION? How Much for a Coffee in the Playboy Mansion? Well Hugh Hefner has put the Playboy mansion up for sale – $200M will buy you 6-acres, 29 rooms, a zoo, koi pond, citrus orchard, tennis and basketball courts, a swimming pool – with a waterfall and well Hugh, as he wants to stay with a lifetime tenancy and his own bedroom. However, what else you may find interesting about the Playboy story is that this mansion was the first house in Los Angeles to ever sell for over a million dollars. In 1971 Playboy Enterprises paid a  record sale price ; a whopping $1.05M. So when I saw this comparison chart it made me think of Hugh and how the price of a cup of coffee has increased. 150
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The Wild Side of Technology

THE WILD SIDE OF TECHNOLOGY Usually when someone posts a picture of their home grown flowers it doesn’t create much of a reaction. But when your name is Scott Kelly and your current address is, well, the International Space Station, Outer Space – then that’s a little different. Maybe organically grown tomatoes from Outer-Space is not as far away as we think? June 2007 – its hard to believe its been less than 10 years we have lived with the iPhone. Who could have imagined the impact and changes to our lives that it would generate? It has changed society and the way we behave and interact in ways that we could never have envisaged. We tend to think of ourselves as being fairly “tech savvy” now, with all our gadgets but there are many parts of our lives that will be impacted in the future in ways we just 150
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The Ultimate Parking Ticket!

THE ULTIMATE PARKING TICKET! We have our next Melbourne Investment Club meeting tonight, Tuesday the 2nd of February (for details click here) and member Maria Hill will be speaking about how banks create money (or credit) out of thin air. This is especially topical given the announcement last Friday by the Bank of Japan (BOJ) saying that effective from February 16, it will charge “financial institutions a “Parking Fee” for placing their excess reserves with them. Imagine that – a Bank CHARGING you to place funds with them??.. This move by Tokyo’s central bank to impose a 0.1% fee on selected current account deposits is an effort to stimulate Japan’s economy that is forecast to grow at just 1.7% in 2016. You see, Japanese banks have about 250 trillion Yen in total parked with the central bank and the new system will divide the outstanding balance […] 150
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