Opportunity – When Markets Fall…Get Ready to Buy

OPPORTUNITY – WHEN MARKETS FALL…GET READY TO BUY The following is an article by our good friend Akhil Patel who is based in London.  We thank him for allowing us to reprint it in its entirety. For those of you who don’t know Akhil, he is the director of Ascendant Strategy a UK based research and advisory firm that specialises in Property and Credit Cycle analysis. Although this article is written from UK view point we believe it will be of interest to Investment Club Members. [divider style=”clear”] As markets continued to fall yesterday, the newspapers were quick to call the next financial crash. Fears grow over repeat of 2008 financial crash as investors run for cover, worried The Guardian. City AM announced the start of a bear market. Let’s be clear about what’s going on. A 2008-style financial crisis is not upon us. To interpret what is going […] 150
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Don’t Miss Out on Your Once in an 18 Year Opportunity!!!

[heading] Are you looking to Profit from the current developing Real Estate Cycle? You understand the theory, to PROFIT from it you MUST take ACTION! [/heading]   Join us on the Calnan Flack Property Investors Weekend to explore how you can profit from investing at stage 2 of this Economic Cycle by strategically buying Property. This is your chance to practically apply your knowledge of Property & Credit Cycle theory and the implementation of the Calnan Flack Economic Cycle Action Plan. This weekend has been specifically designed for investors wanting to invest using the framework of the Real Estate and Credit Cycle. You will see WHY the Property Market currently offers exceptional investment opportunities.   Calnan Flack has partnered with one of Australia’s leading residential property research, investment and advisory companies – Providence Property Group to bring you this experience. Founded in 2006 Providence has a consistent record of sourcing high growth, quality 150
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