Maximizing your Property Investment Returns

Capital Gain or Yield We are often asked the question “Isn’t it better to buy an existing house and land as an investment rather than a Unit or apartment?” The answer lies in a study of the most powerful investment tools – COMPOUNDING. This example shows Property 1 a house and land which was purchased because it had a high rental yield of 6% pa and offered the Investor an attractive cash flow return. This property will probably be in an area that offers a poor capital growth. We have used 6% in the example.  Property 2 was purchased with a focus on buying a quality asset in a high capital growth area 9%. We have used 5% as a rental yield in this example. The table shows how whilst the higher yield is attractive initially. In the long term this short term gain comes at a huge cost. After 150
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Sydney Property Prices

This is a good real life example of how reading a chart can help with your property investments. Below is a chart of Sydney medium house prices that is almost picture perfect for our stylised cycle. The first half of the cycle was extreme due to the 2000 Olympics and associated infrastructure builds. This is a good example of how individual locations experience both the overall cycle and are also impacted by localised influences. Because the first half of the cycle was so pronounced the second half was more subdued. What has happened now is just like the Indian share market breaking into all-time new highs – so are Sydney’s Medium House prices. Very bullish for Australia, and confirmation of yet another cycle. This is VERY VALUABLE INFORMATION! I would urge you all to consider how you can benefit from this knowledge.     IMPORTANT NOTICE Disclaimer: The […] 150
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